It's a known fact that the internet is one of the best places for listing a property and attracting buyers. Statistics from show that about two-thirds of home sellers utilize the internet in selling their properties. The greater percentages of sellers using the Net to sell their properties are the younger generation.

You could take two routes to sell your property online – selling via an agent or the "for sale by owner" option. Regardless of the method you choose, selling properties online requires a degree of planning to be effective. 

Moreover, each path depends on how fast you want the sale, your financial expectations, and your readiness for a bit of due diligence. We'll explore the two major routes to selling real estate online and their characteristics. But before then, let's examine the benefits of selling real estate online.

Benefits of Selling Properties Online

Using the internet to sell a house online is an innovative and streamlined means of getting yourself before the eyes of a myriad of potential qualified buyers. These buyers could be investors or conventional buyers, but your potential clients are already seeking a home to purchase. 

Having your property on listing sites like Zillow, Trulia, or the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) would place it before more viewers than if you utilized other methods. Of course, you’d require the services of a realtor to list on the MLS regardless of whether you’re selling yourself or via a real estate agent.

Additionally, the internet would especially come in handy when selling real estate online if you're considering a cash buyer. 

Many investors and e-buyers utilize the internet almost for diverse purposes, and it's more straightforward and faster to contact cash buyers, either from your municipality or elsewhere. Indeed, the internet is your best answer to sellers' questions, like, "How do I sell my house fast?”

Two Means of Selling Properties Online

You could either enlist an agent who'd most probably utilize the internet in selling your property; or sell the property via a "for sale by owner" route. 

Most agents register with the local Multiple Listing Service, an online repertoire of professionally listed properties. Additionally, the best real estate agents would know how to maximize their internet platforms like paid ads and social media to help you sell your property online.

Regardless of your route, putting up rental properties for sale online is often less challenging than if you didn't go online. The level of patience, technical know-how, financial expectations, and the means you choose often determine the relative ease with which you achieve your feat.

Selling a Home through an Agent

Since you’re paying an agent to take on the task of selling your property, this conventional means of selling online is generally less stressful. A full-service realtor would look for a buyer, guide you through the negotiations with the buyer, and help at the closing. 

Sometimes, a real estate agency would offer limited services to intending sellers over a reduced commission. If you want to sell with an agent like you want to take note of the following steps:

Clean the property you intend to sell
Research for the agent
Interview different agents and hire your preferred agent
Arrive at a listing price with the agent and list the property
Take photographs of the home and advertise
Make room for property showings
Take an offer 
Where applicable, sign a legal contract on the sale
Close the property 

Selling a Home via the For-Sale-by-Owner Route 

On the other hand, if you choose to sell via the for-sale by owner (FSBO) route, you'd have to conduct the online advertising, home showings, buyer negotiations, and agreement documents yourself. Selling via the for-sale by owner route would relieve the seller of paying a three percent commission for the sale. 

However, such sellers might still need to pay a buyer's agent fees. Here's a rundown of a typical FSBO route to sell your property online.

Clean the property you want to sell
Research your target market
Allocate a competitive price to the property
Take photographs of the home and put them on display
Put up a convincing listing description
Advertise your listing on online platforms like Trulia, or social media 
Make room for property showings
Screen buyers 
Negotiate offers and accept an offer 
Where applicable, sign a legal contract on the sale
Close the property

Few Things to Note When Selling Your Home Online

Whether you decide to sell via a real estate agent or the FSBO route, certain information is necessary to help you have a smooth sail selling your property. Here are a few things to note when selling your property using the internet. 

When Working with an Agent

First, you want to ensure that your listing on online directories is accurate and highlights your property's best features with quality shots. Moreover, it's not a bad idea to share the listing with other potential buyers in your network, even though your agent is responsible for advertising the home.

Lastly, it’s helpful to prepare for last-minute information about property showings. Remember that the more people come to see the property, the higher your chances of selling to meet your financial goals. 

It might help to have your agent prepare a “sell my house fast quote" for your property. That way, you know how much to ask an intending buyer.

When Selling via the FSBO Route 

Since you're fixing the property's price yourself, it'd help not to overprice your home. Overpricing the property could increase the time it spends on the market and eventually lead to a forced reduction in the price. Meanwhile, it might be best to utilize free property valuations on real estate sites.

Also, don't forget to be as professional as possible throughout the sale. You may consider taking after skilled realtors in your area on how they display or list the property. Lastly, offering to pay the buyer's agent's commission could help facilitate your sale, as the buyer's agents would be more inclined to bring their customers to see your property.


Selling homes with the internet allows for a high-efficiency rate while giving you significant control of the entire process. If you've never considered a path to sell your property online, you might be missing out on a bulk of possible home buyers. If you ask us, we'll recommend a real estate agent as the best way to sell property online.