Cold World, Colder Requirements

Skiing and snowboarding require cold, often elevated environments, with increased exposure to factors such as wind and dangerous UV radiation. This necessitates sports face masks coverings with thermoregulation, moisture-wicking properties, enough coverage, and UV protection.

#1 - NAROO Z5H Half-Balaclava


Ideal for: 0-10°C
Anti-fog, air-warming EX-BONE technology
Super breathable, the fabric doesn’t touch your lips
Half-balaclava type, great for comfortable helmet usage
It looks COOL
Especially good for: skiing
The Z5H is a great—and stylish—option for individuals who want a lot of cold-weather protection without getting too hot. The EX-BONE 3D air-warming chamber maintains a comfortable breathing temperature while keeping your goggles fog-free.

This ski and snowboarding balaclava matches well with goggles, helmets, and other headgear because of its versatility. Its half-balaclava design gives you many of the benefits you'd expect from the top ski balaclava while also allowing you to pull it down under your lips or chin like a ski neck gaiter as needed. 

#2 - NAROO Z9H Half-Balaclava


Ideal for: -20-5°C
Anti-fog, air-warming EX-BONE technology
Anti-Fog Optimisation + EX-HALE Enhancement
Super breathable, the fabric doesn’t touch your lips 
Half-balaclava type, great for comfortable helmet usage
It looks VERY COOL
Especially good for: skiing
The Z9H is a superb face cover for cold weather, with all of the outstanding features of the Z5H plus the EX-HALE anti-fog upgrade as an option. The EX-HALE is an outbranching exhaust pipe that allows you to breathe freely without obstructing your view.

While the EX-BONE and the mask's adjustable nose clip do a wonderful job of preventing fogging on its own, the EX-HALE module may help them out even more, effectively putting an end to foggy goggles for good. The mask, like the Z5H, comes in a variety of attractive colors and features a zipper over the breathing gear for as much ventilation as you desire, as well as cutting points for letting your hair down. 

#3 - NAROO F5 Neck Gaiter


Ideal for: All weather, great for 10°C and over
MICRONET™ Filtering Fabric Technology for great protection
Breathable, comfortable, and safe
Great for long sleeved, no collar jackets, or for tucking under a collar
Good color range, stylish form
Especially good for: skiing and snowboarding
The F5 is an excellent neck gaiter for snowboarding and skiing, and even as a cycling mask or running mask, providing the necessary warmth and protection without becoming a full balaclava. It's a wonderful and versatile option that adapts well to various outfits and accessories. It's reversible, moisture-wicking, and extremely light for the amount of filterint protection it offers thanks to the MICRONET Filtering Fabric Technology. 

#4 - NAROO X9 Neck Gaiter


o Ideal for: -10°C and colder
o Warm, Windproof X-Fiber Fabric
o Quick-drying, thermoregulating
o Multifunctional and reversible
o A sturdy winter accessory
o Especially good for: skiing and snowboarding
If you're looking for something more durable to keep you warm in colder conditions, the X9 snowboarding neck warmer is your best bet. "If you're spending a day on the mountain, you're going to want to be comfortable, and dry," David of 'Trail and Summit' says. The X9 dries quickly and regulates your body temperature, keeping you in good shape. 

The X9's warm, windproof X-Fiber fabric is another characteristic that makes it an excellent gaiter for skiing and snowboarding. This honeycomb-knit compression fabric is made to tolerate frequent movement while still suiting your form and remaining robust.

#5 - NAROO N9H Half-Balaclava


Ideal for: -5°C and colder
Fitted under eye stitching
Tension distribution bands for perfect form
Quick-drying and warm
Especially good for: skiing and snowboarding
The N9H, another half-balaclava design, is a good snowboarding and skiing alternative to full balaclavas. This sports face mask is incredibly form-fitting and comfortable, making it an excellent choice for use with helmets. 

Its under-eye stitching protects you from irritation without obstructing your vision, allowing you to wear it for longer periods of time. Additionally, the N9H features tension distribution bands in its weave, which help maintain temperature and fit, while also being very customizable.

#6 - NAROO N1 Neck Gaiter


Ideal for: 10-20°C
Cool, moisture-wicking fabric
Breathable, comfortable, and safe
Lightweight, windproof, with UV protection
Multifunctional and reversible
Stylish color options
Especially good for: skiing and snowboarding
The N1 is an excellent choice for people who require a lighter ski neck gaiter to maintain a comfortable temperature during long, intense rides. The unpleasantness of heat alone lowers athletic performance, as one study on cycling in hot and humid situations has demonstrated. The N1, on the other hand, has UV protection up its sleeve. Sunlight reflected off ice and snow, especially at higher elevations, affects not just the eyes but also the skin. So choose a mask like the N1 to keep your face healthy. 

Enjoy the Cold

The Alpine Responsibility Code emphasizes the importance of maintaining your gear in good working order and securely fastened to your person. The balance of cold exposure and metabolic heat production, which has an impact on performance and health, is also important. NAROO can't protect you from every danger, but our winter sports masks will certainly take care of a lot of your concerns.

“… no company is packing as much specialized tech into their ski masks than NAROO.” — Nicola Iseard, Fall-Line Skiing

“These are pretty comfortable, and I prefer them over the standard surgical masks.” — Jasper Verkuijl, Cycling Fanatics