Rugs are part of the decoration of an environment, in addition to making it more cozy, warm and with a special touch of sophistication, but special care is needed with cleaning. Carpets need to be sanitized from time to time, especially as they accumulate germs and mites between the fibers. Many people are still not aware of the importance of carpet cleaning, but various studies have proven that carpets often store large amounts of dirt and virus deposits. That is why it is important to clean the carpet regularly. At least once a month is recommended.

The time it takes from one wash to another will always depend on the particularities of its manufacture and the type of exposure it is subjected to. However, a deep cleaning should be done, on average, every six months, especially in those rugs that have high and bulky fibers, such as wool and cotton.

Washing does not negate the need for cleaning maintenance. You can use vacuum cleaners, brushes with soft bristles, damp cloths, etc., whenever there are traces of dirt and dust. This habit prolongs washing intervals. It is also very important to check the manufacturer's instructions to find out what type of rug yours is. And when in doubt, it is always best to leave the washing in the hands of a professional.

The difference between a home wash and a professional wash is quite big. Even if following the correct manufacturer's guidelines, at home we don't have the same structure available that a laundry room offers. After all, it has equipment with advanced technology, suitable products, experienced and trained professionals who make use of special techniques throughout the cleaning process. Not to mention that in the laundry room, washing is deep and drying is total – which prevents mold and mildew.

Light colored leather or fur rugs require weekly cleaning. Dark tones can be cleaned once a month. Cleaning in this type of rug is dry so as not to damage the pieces. The selection of the cleaning method here is very important because the wrong choice can cause damage.

Sisal or jute fiber rugs need to be cleaned weekly or fortnightly (when they are lightly trodden). Ideally, they should be vacuumed on both sides, as dirt and sand particles easily accumulate between their webs. Rugs that are dyed should be washed when their fibers are hardened by accumulated dirt. That way they don't fade easily.

When there is animal urine or accidents such as spilled wine, grease, oil, among others, the washing must be done immediately. Thus, impregnated odors and stains are avoided. Impregnated odors and stains are often a chronic problem that is difficult to resolve. It is worth mentioning that hygiene is to eliminate biological dirt as much as possible, what can only be seen through a microscope, with hygiene, mites, bacteria and living organisms are eliminated. That's why washing the carpet in a laundry specializing in the subject such as carpet cleaning Windsor is suggested.