The casino chips are the same as money. They are made to offer customers a lot of conveniences and prevent them from carrying massive amounts of funds. These chips put all the gamblers on the level playing field and terminate the chance of playing with different currencies. These chips play the role of the wagering establishment's monetary unit and at a bitcoin casino online.

They also carry the casino's logo and get utilized for playing all the casino games. You will find this in online casinos, and these chips are made from specific materials. These chips also carry protection against counterfeiting. Without the chips, the wagering process within a land-based casino will not occur.

Casino Chips: A Brief History!

Back in ancient times, there were many types of gambling. But the first-ever wagering institute was established during the 17th century in Venice. But during the 19th century, instead of chips, numerous valuable items were used in the form of bets. At that time, the players or the gamblers even used small pieces of silver, gold and even fiat money to conduct wagering.

But the development of the wagering houses needed systemization on the objects to gambling with and the payment mechanism. Due to such reasons, the prototypes of modern casino chips appeared. 

At all the top-notch wagering establishments, the chips were made from ivory. Since these chips got forged frequently, the casino owners began to place special markings on them.

In the 1880s, manufacturers started to make these chips with clay. The chips had the same size, all thanks to the moulds, and they were used as prototypes of modern-day casino chips. But the only drawback was the impracticality. They broke easily or lost their attractiveness because of careless handling. That's why manufacturers started to use composite clay to make these chips more durable.

The Colour and Domination of the Casino Chips

You will not find any single standard for matching the value and colour of the casino chips. The palette varies significantly from one institute to the other. As per the rules, these are following denominations used:


If you take a look at the poker game, you will find $1000 and $25000 casino chips available at the high roller competition table. But traditionally, the colour of the chips are:


According to the rules, the face value of the coloured chips are:

White chips: $1
Red chips: $5
Blue chips: $10
Green chips: $25
Black chips: $100
Purple chips: $500

Remember one thing, the colour palette of the casino chips in a different casino will differ greatly because of multiple reasons. These reasons can be:

The materials used for creating them.
Their unique protection process against counterfeiting.
The design choices are imperative to a nation's fiat money, where all the big bills are currently in circulation.

But the gambling establishments will still opt for the general colour scheme. AT many high-class casinos, the expensive chips come in a rectangle shape. These chips carry their own serial number. For the manufacturing part, each manufacturer has its own secret chemical composition and formulas, which they do not declare.

Measures Taken to Stop Counterfeiting

Due to the popularity of wagering, casino chips have become the subject of interest for all the fraudsters out there. So, to prevent counterfeiting from taking place, the land-based casinos have taken the following measures:

Unique Composition: When it comes to proving an individual guilty of utilizing counterfeit casino chips, the gambling establishment will send the chips for laboratory analysis. It's because all these chips are made from the same type of mixture. The analysis can help identify whether or not the person has used counterfeited chips.
The Appearance: Replicating the design of the chips is not easy because of the numerous details and the cost of the production. But it's possible to tell the difference between an actual chip and a fake one by the ending with the hidden strokes and the colour combination at the edges.
Extra Protection: When the security measures taken to protect these casino chips seem insufficient, the casinos can tell the manufacturers to place UV markings on them.

All the casino chips carry the casino denomination or logo, and it's placed on them just like a sticker or an imprint, which will not tear off that easily. The cases on detecting all the counterfeit casino chips are pretty sporadic. The casinos have a high-level monitoring system, which can prevent such problems from occurring in the first place.

In this modern world, the land-based casino has become pretty alert and operates the entire casino through the video surveillance system. This makes cheating almost impossible. As a player, you can buy the casino chips at the cash desk of the casino with the non-cash or cash payment. Remember, these chips are not universal and will only get accepted at the casino you purchase.

Unique Facts on Casino Chips/Token

When you visit a casino, you can use these chips as currency. But these chips are also known as the most-iconic component within the gambling realm. You will come across some wagering establishments with limited editions of casino chips. These chips are created for a special event while they preserve the classic colour scheme of these chips. As per the rules, these chips are purchased in the form of souvenirs.

The most expensive casino chips came out back in 2011, which cost a whopping $7.3 million. These chips were created by a designer from London named Jeffrey Parker. The kit contained 384 casino chips inlaid with gemstones and made from gold. It also had a deck of cards decorated with alligator skin and a platinum bag and had many code locks.

Another set of expensive chips was made back on May 30th, 2013 and cost $450 thousand. Due to its price, these casino chips got listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The chips carried scattered and 22-carat rose gold diamonds. These diamonds were placed on the edge of these chips. The chip carries 173 round-cut diamonds and 64 natural pink diamonds.


Casino chips have become popular in the gambling realm. You will not just find them at land-based casinos but also at online casinos. These chips come in different colours, and each of the coloured chips has a value. The chips are used in the form of currency inside a gambling establishment instead of actual money. But the history of these chips is fickle and rich. Many people look forward to winning massive amounts, but others try to outsmart the gambling establishment and learn the adventurous game.