Have a hard time watching anime online? Cannot find Attack on Titans' new episode? Are you not able to tick off anime from your watchlist because you cannot find any good anime streaming service? Don't worry; you are not alone. 

Most of the weebs or anime viewers with their home outside Japan find it difficult to watch anime because many of them are not available on any streaming platform in their region. Even the big streaming giants like Netflix fall short of providing us with a good collection of anime. But we got you covered! Here are our top websites where you can watch anime for free. 


The first and foremost website you can visit and download anime for free is rarbg. You will find countless anime available on the platform. You need to search for the name and download it using UTorrent. The website is entirely free, although it is advised to turn your VPN on before entering the website. With billions of anime for you to watch, you can download any of them with your desired pixel quality. The best part of torrenting is once you download the episodes, you can even watch them offline. You can even torrent from your phone and watch the episodes anytime and anywhere. 

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a very old but popular anime streaming service available in 180+ countries. It is one of the prominent names in the streaming platform and is single-handedly responsible for making anime and manga popular in western countries. Crunchyroll is also a favorite among manga readers. Apart from offering manga and anime, it also has a store for exclusive popular anime merchandise. Primarily an anime and manga platform, it also has anime blogs that contain the latest or relevant blogs, news, and updates of your favorite anime. You can access the website without any subscription. It is free, but you have to get a premium version if you want access to features like the latest episodes on the release day. The premium version offers a 14-day trial, and after that, you can purchase the premium account at $7.99/$9.99. 

3. 9Anime.to 

9Anime is one of our top pick websites that allows you to stream your favorite anime in high quality of 1080p. After they visit the website, the first thing viewers would notice is its sleek and catchy interface. You can browse through an unlimited anime genre and select whatever you would like to watch. The best part of 9Anime.to is the immediate availability of newly released episodes. The brand new episodes are uploaded right after it is released in Japan. A quick navigation feature and direct access to freshly released episodes make this website a popular choice for weebs. Viewers can access this website from almost all the major regions around the globe. You can both watch the subbed and dubbed versions here. The only downside of this site is it has a prolonged loading time. 

4. Gogoanime.so

Gogoanime is a free website that offers audiences a good anime viewing experience. The platform has an easy navigation method. The anime will appear in alphabetical order or according to their release dates, making it easier for the viewers to find the show they were looking for. Gogoanime has almost all anime available and can be accessed in virtually all regions over the globe. The best thing about this website is that even though it is free, it does not get into the way of the viewers with annoying adware. This platform also uploads newly released movies or episodes as soon as it is released officially. But like 9Anime, it has a prolonged loading time that leads to some loss of viewers. 

5. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is yet another free website that offers all kinds of anime to viewers with absolutely no charge. The website even keeps you updated with new anime release times and dates. Apart from that, you can choose from multiple sources when one is not functioning correctly. All the anime are available in high 1080p quality. The best part about AnimeFreak is that it has a strong anime community. The option of live chats 24/7 is pretty convenient when you want to discuss anything with the community. The only downside of this website is the troublesome interface that makes it inconvenient for some users. 


Anyone can pretty much stream popular generation-defining anime like Dragon Ball Z or Naruto and even One Piece from any streaming giant, namely Netflix or Amazon Prime. But for other underrated gems like Monster or Ghost in the Shell, you need to dig a little deeper. These sites can be a good idea for people who enjoy watching anime but do not want to switch between streaming services for different anime. They offer you almost all anime on one platform, and you can watch them in high quality.