How can someone not smoke weed? If you ask us, we would say that it is such a heavenly thing to do. If you are not doing it, the reason for it can't just be that you don't like it. Have you ever tried doing it? No, right? Everyone wants it; one can't intentionally avoid it. 

The problem must only be that you don't know how to do it. It is not just a thing that elites do; you can do it too; you have to learn some basics to get going. One accessory that will make it easier for you to pick up RYO smoking is a rolling tray. It is that one accessory that changes the entire experience. Before jumping on to tell you how you can light up your rolling tray, let us first tell you what exactly a rolling tray is and where does it go in the weed smoking thing.

What exactly is a rolling tray?

To smoke weed, one has to make a joint of it. A 'joint' is, you can say, a paper rolled with weed. One rolls weed into a rolling paper and makes it somewhat like a cigarette, which can also be bought by Moon Smoking. People usually do that on any flat surface they see, but that is not supposed to be done. To get the most out of your weed joint, you have to make it on a rolling tray. The rolling tray provides a flat surface for crafting your joint with edges so that the weed does not fall out of the ends and get stuck in your carpet (or makes your floor a mess, lol). Make mess-free, clean, and perfect joints with a rolling tray. Now that you know what a rolling tray is, let us tell you how to make it even more blissful for yourself.

Step by Step Process on How to Light Up your Rolling Tray:

Having light-up rolling trays has become a thing; although you can buy your light-up rolling tray too, its price is too high. Therefore, in this article, we have given step by step process to DIY your light-up rolling try.

Get a rolling tray, any tray with a smooth flat surface and durable enough.
The supplies you will need in this DIY project are 1. light strings, 2. a glue gun, and 3. epoxy.
To make a personalized base of your rolling tray, you can get printed stickers of your choice and paste them onto your tray. If your tray has a base of your choice, you can skip this process.
Once the base is complete, you will have to place the light strings finely with a glue gun on the bottom of your tray in any way you want. Either stick it only on the edges or on the entire base; the choice is yours.
Once the glue of the strings has dried and threads are secure with the tray's surface, you can now start making your epoxy mixture.
Pour the epoxy mixture on the tray and cover it all evenly.
Let it dry, and voila, you have your own DIY light-up rolling tray to start rolling joints on your very own lighting tray!