Dog obedience training is a great way to help your dog develop the behaviors you want them to have. It involves teaching the dog to accept human guidance for desired behaviors. 

While a dog at any age can be trained, the best period to do it is when the dog is as young as possible. 

If you don’t want the training trouble, you will find trained puppies for sale in several different rescue and pet stores. 

However, some stores and pet shelters, such as the humane society, only deal with rescue animals, but you might find several trained puppies they want to sell. Rescue and pet stores usually have a better chance at finding well-behaved rescued dogs that already know how to behave appropriately.

Though there are many ways to train a dog, including using positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and even capturing desirable behavior and reinforcing it with treats or affection, there are three main objectives that meet in dog obedience training.

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1. Positive Relationship with the Handler

This is one of the most important things to take away from any organized dog training program. Owners want their dogs to perform desired behaviors, and they also want these behaviors to be given when asked. An owner's tone of voice, body language, and attitude can influence their dog. 

The owner needs to provide the dog with proper guidance throughout the training process. Positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise, should always be given when the desired behaviors are exhibited.

2. Communication with the Dog

Dog obedience training also gives owners a chance to communicate with their dogs. Training your dog is done, typically, through the repetition of desired behaviors. Over time, you will be able to judge how quickly your dog learns and can adjust accordingly. 

Also, it is essential to understand that even if your dog seems like they are not listening or are distracted, they are probably taking in everything you are saying and watching your every move.

3. Respect for the Handler

Finally, dog obedience training gives dogs a chance to respect their owners. It would help if you taught dogs a dominant hierarchy with the owner at the top during training sessions. It means that once an owner has learned how to communicate with their dogs and train them properly, they will lead their dogs in the right direction.

Looking for Trained Puppies for Sale?

Dog obedience training is an essential step in raising a well-behaved dog. It can help you establish rules and guidelines for your dog and provide them with crucial socialization skills. 

When the above three elements are present, you can be sure that your pup is on the right path to becoming a well-mannered member of your family.