Every time we watch the news, there are a number of crimes and accidents that happen every day. This includes fire, where there are huge damage to properties and even death. If you are a business owner or a manager, it would be scary just to imagine how fire can affect the business. Therefore, it is a must to do all that we can that will help avoid being in the same situation.

When talking about fire, you might already have something in mind. We bet that it is a fire extinguisher – which is a good thing as you are aware of what should be used when fire breaks out. Have you ever thought about fire watch guards?

Who are fire watch guards?

A Fire Watch Guard is a temporary arrangement (also available in long contracts) which someone or a patrol who examines buildings and/or other property for serious fire hazards. When the chances of a fire-related incident are high, fire watches are generally conducted. For example, they are needed whenever construction procedures that requires high temperature are used on-site (like welding and soldering - examples of 'hot work' operations). Another possible scenario when there is a malfunctioning alarm, sprinkler, and/or other fire protection systems.

What do they usually do?

Although the responsibilities of fire watch guards may vary depending on the employment and the location, each position has a set of core responsibilities. The qualified staff (who are familiar with the layout) will inspect all exits and fire extinguishers as part of their duty. They will have the items essential to carry out a quick escape and alert any other residents in the case of a fire. The security guards  would typically carry a portable horn, a flashlight, a complete set of all-access keys to the premises, and writing supplies (to log or document any incident or suspicious activity.

What are they not allowed to do?

Although the activities, duties, and responsibilities for fire watch guards may differ from site to site (could also be depending on the county or state of where the business is in), most guards are given clear instructions not to extinguish a fire until it is plainly safe to do so (or unless they have been expressly instructed or given permission to do so). Most likely, the same fire watch guard might have already called the fire department in situations like this. 

How much does the services of fire watch guards cost?

Depending on the area and whether or not it's an emergency, a typical fire watch guard services agency might charge with a starting price of 35 USD per hour. The company who will hire them should also be informed that they will be utilizing fire department employees and will have to pay overtime and other expenses, if the fire watch guards need to staff the premises.

Fires can be considered as one of the greatest tragedies that can happen. Though some may not see it as necessary, paying for the service of fire watch guards will ensure the safety of not just the business or property, but with lives as well. Finding the best fire watch guard company is getting easier, as you may even find one from social media sites like Facebook.