A skilled homeowner, repairman, builder, or professional carpenter has many processes in his work, such as sawing, trimming, or cutting. Working with boards, planks, panels, sheets, and other wood material implies a circular saw. In our article, we will tell what is a circular saw and what kinds there are, as well as advise where to buy circular saw.  

What is an electric circular saw? 
The circular saw is one of the five most popular and frequently used power tools. It speeds up carpentry and joinery work many times over. The saw is used in both home workshops and large industrial facilities. This versatile tool is designed to work not only with wood but also for cutting metal and plastic.  

Types of the circular saw
It is important to determine before buying what the tool will be used for. You should think about how to choose a circular saw at the beginning of the activity. If you are reading this article, then you have done the right thing. Now let's talk about what kind of tool to stop on and what parameters will be the highest priority. 

1. A handheld circular saw is a compact portable tool. The operator holds it in his hands and moves it along the workpiece and the cutting line. Visit UK Planet Tools to buy a handheld circular saw in UK.  

2. A circular saw toolstation is a stationary type tool. This tool is ideal for work in workshops or industrial facilities. The electric motor is mounted under the large work platform.  During operation, the specialist moves the workpiece along the platform and moves it to the cutting disk. The toolstation type of saw is more expansive than the handheld one, that is why it is better to find some "circular saw for sale" propositions. 

So, decide exactly what you need a circular saw for, compare all the offers on the UK Planet Tools website, and choose the best option for you!