If you have an eye for color, you are great at predicting design trends, or you have the kind of visual-spatial abilities you need to design the interiors of a home or business, the good news is that you can make a mint from your talents while also ‘paying it forward’. 

The median annual wage of a  makeup artist stands at about $59,300, a web developer makes around $69,430, and a film and video editor can take home $62,650 per year. Some artistic pursuits are inherently more altruistic than others, of course, so the difference you make depends on your chosen specialization. Below you will find just a few positions that may spark your interest in using your talent to “give something back” to your community.

Interior Architects with an Eye for Accessibility

Interior architects design the interiors of commercial and residential buildings. Top earners in the field have an annual salary of around $110,000—a figure that enables many interior architects to perform pro bono work. Those specializing in accessibility are often hired to make accessibility changes for seniors’ homes. As homeowners get older, their needs change, and they may need doors to be widened (to accommodate wheelchairs), bathrooms to be modified (tubs to be replaced with walk-in showers), and ramps and grab rails fitted in the exteriors and interiors of their home. Designers can help ensure these features are safe, ergonomic, and affordable.

Art Therapist

Art therapy is a powerful way to help people of all ages deal with a plethora of conditions and issues, ranging from PTSD to anxiety and depression, physical violence, substance abuse, and emotional trauma as a whole. Study after study has shown that art therapy can lower stress, encourage better communication between patients and their therapists, and help people in recovery face the sometimes ambivalent feelings they may have about quitting. In other words, art helps people know themselves and identify their triggers. It also provides them with a relaxing hobby that reduces stress and lifts their mood—and this is the case even if they are absolute beginners. The job doesn’t pay badly either, with most art therapists earning in the region of $50,000.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are usually attracted to this job because of the glam and bling but in fact, so many makeup artists across the globe are using their name and talent to sign up for important social causes. One such artist is Andrea Charles, whose client list includes Demi Moore and Tyra Banks. Andrea has launched a non-profit called City Girl Beauty Project, which helps women who have survived domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking get together so they can share their experiences. Charles introduces these women to life coaches, executives, and other women who can lend them a hand. She also provides each woman with a head-to-toe makeover. When you look your best, you feel your best too, and makeup is simply a symbolic way of putting your best foot forward and shining bright despite a past of abuse.

Creative pursuits are in high demand in current times. From interior architects to makeup artists, those with specific talents can boost business while also making a big difference to their communities. From pro bono work for the elderly to establishing non-profits for victims of domestic abuse, there is a wide range of activities that creators with a heart can undertake to make the world a better place.