Summers with its holidays are all about fun and new plans. Many people think of new ventures to enjoy the summers. The New Year has started and with the ending exam season, people have already made plans to rejoice themselves. 

Water games are something to look forward to this summer. Water games often do not make their way to the mainstream of enjoyment plans but one can have real fun with friends and family by planning up some water games. Though water games aren’t always sure to be arranged at home, a walk to the nearest swimming pool or beach would not be difficult for recreational purposes. Here are some games that you must try these summers to please yourself.

Swimming Competitions

The best and the easiest game one can look for is having swimming competitions. Those who have swimming pools at home can manage to arrange the competitions easily, or otherwise take the membership of community swimming pools. If you haven’t used your pool in a while and don’t know how to remove algae stains from pool walls, you can try cleaners that are natural and safe, and work best for vinyl liners, fiberglass, and metals. Get your pool cleaned and dive into it with the energy that you want for this summer.

Water-Tug of War

You all know what tug of war is! A competition between two teams to pull the ropes towards their end, but the simple game could become more exciting when played in the water. People living in the countryside could use a pond, lake, or on the other hand, a swimming pool would work well. The water increases the pressure on the body and hence more force is needed to pull the rope towards any side. This makes this game much more tiring but also a lot of fun.

Water Pinata

Take some water balloons of different sizes and hang them with string from a tree branch, a pole, or a swing set. Same as a piñata often used at birthday parties. Blindfold your friends, give them a stick or ball bat, and let them swing away to hit the target. Once they strike the “pinata” they’ll win and qualify the round or be in for a surprise. This game could be quite popular for kids and teens.

Water Parks

Another hangout activity with friends would be to spare time and spend a whole day at the water park. Enjoy the long water slides and water swings. This doesn’t seem much happening to do but with friends and good company, anything can be turned into an exciting game. Thus water parks provide a good option to rejoice yourselves.


You can take standard outdoor games, like volleyball, and turn them into pool games, fun for the whole family and friends. If you have a pool you can purchase inflatable nets from online shopping marts for an inspiring game of pool volleyball. If you don’t have a pool, set up the sprayer and use the spray as the “net”. Hit the ball back and forth through the water just as in a normal volleyball game. If you have younger kids who want to play, turn it into a game of kickball through the sprinkler instead, or for pool gamers, set your kids as pool fielders to get you the ball if it goes away from the pool.

Water Fight

Water fights are an immense fun thing to do with friends. Get your water guns, water cannons, and water bombs ready. Fill water in balloons and use them too. Have your water buckets filled with water to restore your water weapons when needed. Get a siren or alarm to buzz and start the fight. Go for each other, throw balloons, and fire water on each other. If you play it in the form of teams then use colored water to mark the teams. Water fights are an old-school water game but it’s quite interesting to play.

Drip, Drip, Drop

This is a watered version of Duck, Duck, Goose. Have your kids sit in a circle on the ground. One person holds a large cup of water overhead, using his fingers to drip water on people’s heads. When he chooses whom to "dunk," he pours the water on that person’s head. The dunked one has to get up and chase the dunker. Kids can enjoy this game much this summer.

Learn New Skills

New skills are always good to work on. Go to the beach and learn new water sports like surfing, water biking, hydrofoil, kitesurfing, yachting, and others. Water sports have a great scope for people who are interested in them. Summers provide quite a sound time to learn new skills and master them. Thus turn yourself to new tasks this summer.