Are you a wine lover? If yes, then you would definitely have the love of collecting fine wine glasses. A collection that stands out and makes it worth sipping the classical drink in. 

Shopping for the best wine glasses can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you are new to it. The variation is intimidating; from flutes to stemglasses and from stainless steel wine glasses to an endless array of options-feeling overwhelmed can be an understatement. 

If you are looking to stock up your wine glass cabinet and fill it with glasses that portray luxury and look eye-pleasing, then you have stopped by the right place. Here is a small guide that helps you understand wine glasses deeply and make the right purchase for yourself too. 
Choosing the Right Wine Glasses 

Glassware shopping can be hard, if you are new to it. But there isn’t much to worry about. Focusing on some essentials will help you in getting your hands on the best ones. How? Let’s find out. 

1. Glass Quality:

Quality over quantity each time! The beauty of the wine glass lies in its lightness. You might think we are crazy. But no. As a newbie, you might want to get your hands on a little bulkier glass but that is not a smart move to make. A wine glass must be lightweight; easy to hold and a luxury to sip wine in. 

A razor thin lip wine glass will change your buying priorities forever. They are the best wine glasses, without a doubt. 

2. Wider Opening; Best for Red Wine: 

Not that smaller openings aren’t great; they definitely are and they look good too. However, the luxury that lies in wider openings is something that puts your wine glasses apart. And makes them the best for red wine. They allow better aeration of rich wines. These also allow you to smell in the wine, making you feel divine. If you have a friend who loves wine, you will find a lot of wider opening glasses in their collection. This is because they understand the art of drinking wine in the right glasses. 

3. White Wine Glasses; Smaller Openings:

If you are looking for glasses that would suit white wine, then smaller openings would be a good choice to make here. These help deliver the scent of white wine, to the nose, perfectly. This is certainly more of a personal choice. But white wine is usually drunk in glasses with smaller openings and longer stems. 

Looking into these 3 elements will help you buy the right glasses, depending on the type of wine you are drinking. 

How Many Glasses Should I Buy?

This certainly depends on your love for wine. Your usage of wine and the occasions you require them for, are the two main determinants of how much of a collection you should build. For example, if you are throwing a huge birthday bash or a pool party, it is best to not opt for delicate glasses. This is where stainless steel wine glasses will come into use. They won’t break and you can be relaxed too. 


Shopping for wine glasses, largely depends on how often you drink wine. Many people love collecting wine glasses to keep a huge collection to drink in. others just shop for them when in need. Depending on your occasion and preferences, you must shop for wine glasses with a lot of care. They aren't cheap and you certainly do not want to invest in a wrong one.