As sex dolls become more popular, people have more questions - let’s go over how love dolls work and the different kinds on the market today

If you’re curious about all the hype surrounding sex dolls, you certainly aren’t alone. Maybe you’re asking yourself “how do sex dolls work?” and “are they really as realistic as people say?” or “are they worth the high price tag?” 

Let's dive right in to all of those questions, plus we’ll cover one of the main reasons why sex dolls are becoming as wildly popular as they are: the fact that there are so many options

Does a doll look real?

Yes, doll technology has been growing more and more, making other types of accessories outdated. How do sex dolls work? Sex dolls, essentially, function as any other sex toys would. They offer people pleasure, entertainment and escape, when otherwise they wouldn't have anyone else to help them do those things. 

Sex dolls work by mimicking a real-life sexual partner. They provide all the pleasure and kinks, without the string and responsibilities attached, that typically go hand in hand with sex with a real person. Love dolls have effectively brought solo pleasure to technology heights never seen before. 

They are made in both female and male models, with attachable and detachable vaginas and penises.

Realistic features

Sex dolls are very realistic. Their body build, facial features and skin details are so life-like those users claim that the line between reality and fantasy is often blurred in the heat of the moment. 

Sex doll manufacturers even make sure that things like the weight of the breasts on high-quality sex dolls are perfectly lifelike, while still maintaining a certain level of “dream girl like” qualities.

Certain doll models can stand on their own and bend their limbs, allowing users to experiment or practice with a number of different sex positions. 

Even more real pleasure  

And the big winner when it comes to sex dolls? The amount of mind-blowing pleasure that they provide users with. 

Sex dolls today come with specially designed textures in the vaginal, anal and mouth openings. And when paired with your favorite water-based lube, you’ll have a hard time feeling the difference between fake dream vaginas and the real deal. 

When having oral sex with your sex doll, its silicone mouth, lips and tongue grip and stretch in such a realistic way that it truly does feel like real oral sex.

What kinds of sex dolls are there?

Each doll manufacturer will produce its own kind of products., some higher quality than others. One popular site that is taking over the market today is Twice Person. 

Twice Person offers a huge selection of world-class, high-tech sex dolls ranging from smaller, cheaper, torso-only models, all the way to top-of-the-line robot dolls that actually move their hips during sex and in between those two extremes is a vast array of options. 

When buying love dolls, shoppers can choose from a list of customizations like ethnicity, skin color, vagina coloring, nipple size, breast size, hair color, eye color, and outfit styles. 

Microlove Doll

On Twice Person, one of the hottest sellers is the Microlove doll. It may have a higher price tag, but buyers say that it’s definitely worth it for those that want even more realistic.

Micro love dolls come with all the previously mentioned customizations, but also boast the ability to moan with pleasure and move their hips. They have a built-in warming system for realistic penetration, and to top it off you can decide personalized breast firmness and pubic hair. 

WM Doll

The WM doll is another popular option. It comes with some of the same qualities as Microlove dolls but not all. 

The WM dolls, found of Twice Person, come with a built-in heating system, moaning noises, customizable body features, flexible hands, and even a breathing simulator for an added level of realism. 

Are sex dolls worth the money?

The answer to this question depends on how much you value lifelike sex anytime you want. If you have a particularly high sex drive, but don’t like the inconvenience of complicated partners or hookups that require emotional connections, then a sex doll could be well worth your money

Sex dolls are not cheap, and will usually set you back at least $1,000 USD, but for an increasing number of people around the world today, it’s money well spent. 

High-quality love dolls will last for an incredibly long time when kept in good condition, assuring that you’ll always have an option for entertainment and escape from stress when needed.