Say goodbye to the days when the only way to make money was desk jobs. Technology has revolutionized the entire working system globally. With access to high-speed internet and smart gadgets, now you can easily make money from home right from the comfort of your couch. 

Success is knocking on your door. All you need to do is pick the right online career option that fits your skills and interest.

Trading stocks and cryptocurrency, when done correctly and with the right guidance, from platforms such as The Lazy Trader, is a great opportunity to earn some extra money in 2022. Social trading is a trading technique that can help you trade stock markets and other investment opportunities, by seeing what other established and successful traders are doing, and executing the same trades as them. 

What Can I Start Doing At Home To Make Money?

The Covid-19 and lockdown unrest for the past two years also paved the way for Work From Home (WFH) opportunities worldwide. 

The digital world has turned into a vast marketplace to tap into. People have started exploring multiple avenues via this digital revolution to earn money, from investing in crypto to writing blogs.

20 Ways to Make Money Online In 2022

Are you wondering how I can earn money from home daily? Fret not!

Today, there are many ways to earn a stable income without daily 9 to 5 hours of hustle. You can be your boss without a cash crunch. Exciting, right? 

Let's dig into some easy ways to make money online without further ado.


Ever thought of selling products without maintaining a warehouse or inventory? Well, now it's possible.

With this trending dropshipping business model, you just have to build a website and promote products while the supplier will handle the shipping. No warehousing and transportation costs make it a more profitable business. 

Freelance Writing

Freelance or remote writing is an effective way to earn a lot of money from home. Nowadays, many people are working as full-time freelance writers due to high-paying opportunities in this field.

But don't put your eggs in one basket. Instead, create an impressive portfolio on every platform to grab the best writing proposal, such as, Upwork, and LinkedIn.

Stock Investment 

Do you want to earn extra income from home while doing your permanent job? Start stock investment.

You can use a portion of your salary to start. Initially, invest in index funds due to their diverse range across a market. Once you grasp the industry trends, you can explore global trading opportunities too.
Crypto Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is a highly competitive business. As a crypto-miner, you even get a chance to understand the working of blockchain technology without actually buying any.

This online profession pays you in the digital currency you choose to mine. You need to verify and add crypto transactions data into a blockchain ledger while competing with other miners during the process. 

Create Non-Fungible Tokens

Are you thinking of a long-term passive income stream? 

Sell digital assets or tokenized tangible items as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). As per buyers' demand and type of digital assets, you can earn millions.

You can create and trade GIFs, videos, music files, collectibles, artwork, 3D models, digital trading cards, clothing, and much more. 


Do you love to write for yourself? Why not turn it into a steady source of income? 

If you have impeccable writing skills, consider blogging as your WFH option. Initiate your journey by creating a blog on easy-to-use free blogging platforms. 

Once your blog is famous, get ready to witness a huge income opportunity. The key is to curate high-quality content for your blog. To monetize more from your blog, add Google Adsense or sell products. 

Online Tutoring

E-teaching is a billion-dollar industry that continues to grow exponentially. Moreover, it's a wide doorway that lets you provide your service beyond your geographical region.

Simply post your resume on an online teaching portal to find the students. 

Sell Online Courses

Another online method to earn money for teaching professionals is selling courses online. Demand for online courses is high these days because it allows students to learn anytime and anywhere at their convenience. 

Website/App Testing

Are you tech-savvy? This one's for you. 

Get paid for testing websites or apps for developers by giving feedback on the user experience. Your role will be to execute various testing tasks that will take around 10 to 20 minutes to complete. 

The feedback will help developers improve the product and fix usability glitches. 

Virtual Assistant

With most businesses running online these days, hiring a remote personal assistant is normal. 

It's a diverse online job profile, ranging from customer support, receptionist, admin, and typist to email assistant. Moreover, you can work as a virtual assistant for various companies simultaneously to boost your income source. 

Video Editing

To avoid hours of editing work, YouTubers, influencers, game streamers, and e-businesses frequently hire online video editors. If you are a pro at video editing, get your gear and software to sell your creative skills. 


Audio content is an effective content marketing strategy for many companies. So, don't think twice about launching your podcast and monetizing it with ads and sponsorships. 

Myriad opportunities are waiting for you on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn.

Affiliate Marketing

If you already have a blog, partner with businesses relevant to your website content. You can earn enormously by signing up for the affiliate program with them. Once done, promote their products within your site's content using unique affiliate codes and links.

You'll get a commission when your site's visitor buys a particular product by clicking any affiliated link. 


Content written in the native language allows companies to convey their message to the global audience. Thus, many international brands nowadays lookout for professional translators online to promote their products and services in different locations.

So if you're bi-lingual or multi-lingual, kickstart your journey as an online translator. 

Twitch Streamer

The most-followed American Twitch streamer, Ninja or Richard Tyler Blevins, earns seven figures every year for a few hours of gaming. Next can be you!

Gamers can stream their gaming sessions on Twitch to make money from home online. The earning potential lies through Twitch Bits, crowdfunded subscriptions, brand sponsorships, ads, game sales, affiliate marketing, and merchandise. 

But as a beginner, focus on YouTube videos and Patreon crowdfunding. Besides, enhance your streaming skills, and boost a following to accelerate your revenue.


Under this online job, you need to type audio recordings, including lectures, podcasts, conference calls, interviews, webinars, workshops, dictation, speeches, phone messages, or videos. 

There are also specializations, like legal, medical, and corporate transcription. So choose based on your expertise!

Online Surveying

For a part-time income, you can fill the surveys and get paid online. Many enterprises are ready to pay people who can give feedback through surveys about their products/services.
It is a quick earning process with no specific qualifications needed. Simply register with the company and get surveys on your email.


Let's make earning a fun experience. You can earn some real cash by wagering on online betting websites. There are several trusted and reliable real money online casinos for US residents with a wide collection of games to beat the odds. 

You can choose high RTP slots, baccarat, roulette, or poker games. Some gambling sites even feature a sports betting section for bettors.

Moreover, the seamless payment process on these sites ensures your winning amount hits the bank account as per the stipulated timeline. 


Also known as vloggers, it's also a great way to earn money online with no upfront cost. You can upload entertaining or informative videos on YouTube that millions of users can access from all across the world. 

Remember, you won't see the results instantly.

Ensure to keep updating content to your Youtube channel regularly. This way, you can grab the attention of your target audience. The more the viewers and subscribers, the more your income will be.

Sell Stock Photos

Turn your photography hobby into a revenue stream by selling stock photos on websites. You'll find many users searching for high-end and creative photographs on platforms like 500px, Shutterstock for their projects.

Every time someone downloads your listed content, you'll get paid.


Call yourself an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or freelancer, but anyone can make money through the internet. But don't follow the "Get Rich Quick" strategy. The struggle is real here too. 

With the right skillsets, determination, and experience, you'll soon see a boost in your monthly revenue. A side gig is also an excellent approach to investing in yourself. Well, you might be surprised to explore your hidden talent while that extra money is the cherry on top!

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