Doing a renovation and found evidence of rats or mice in the property? Here are a few ways to help you get rid of pests and keep them at bay.

Pets come indoors for a variety of reasons. If we can anticipate and catch those reasons before they form an invitation to a pest, then we can stop infestations before they start. Ultimately, avoiding pests in the first place is the best way to deal with them. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as this. Some pests must go because they are putting your household in danger.

The Problem with Pests…?

What is the problem with pests? The trouble they cause depends on the pest type. Rats and mice are notorious worldwide, and rats carry horrible diseases that seriously impact your family’s health. Bugs and insects take excrement throughout your house, while flies in the kitchen will land on the garbage and your food in the same breath. 

The problem with pests is in the diseases they carry. For others, such as termites, the problem with pests is in the damage they do to your home. For example, carpenter bees will hollow out whole walls with no regard for whether they are supporting walls or not. Termites will eat through the wood of your beams until the roof caves in. 

So, if we want to keep our homes safe and stand for our families, we need to prevent pests. Here’s what you can do if you experience pest problems in your home.

What to do About Pests in Your Home?

If you have a pest problem, the following things will help rid your home of them.

1 – Calling in Pest Control

An expert team can rid your home of rats, mice, bats, badgers, and anything else that takes up residence in your woodwork. A team like a pest control Sydney can advise you on how to get rid of the pests entirely and can even offer one-time services that take care of the problem on your behalf. They can advise you no matter where in the world you live.

2 – Remove their Food 

Pests can’t live without a food source, and the presence of whatever they eat is probably what brought them into your home, to begin with. In the case of flies or rodents, ensuring your kitchen cupboards are whole and closed and mopping up spills as they occur could be enough to rid yourself of the problem. 

3 – Remove their Heat

Another reason pests come indoors is to be out of the weather extremities outdoors. If you remove their heat source, you can freeze them out. Unfortunately, when dealing with your home, this leaves you cold, too.

4 – Block up their Passages

Every type of pest will follow the same routes throughout your house. This is because these routes are tried, tested, and scent marked. The rodents or bugs know these routes are safe. Blocking up passageways, interrupting those scents, and stopping them using a gallery, is enough to discourage them from old routines. Don’t forget to call in a professional pest technician, should you fail to keep them at bay.