Here is a list of the Top 10 best love tarot cards. All of them have different meanings, cards represent different phases of love and each one is a nice gift idea. When you need to express your feelings and heart to somebody, just pick one of these cards and make the first move. You can also check some amazing love tarot cards on ABCtarot.

Candy Heart

The Candy Heart is the queen of love tarot card, as the name suggests this card is made of candies, has an upside down cross on the back of it, and has one crystal ball. The star inside the heart represents the love element in the relationship.

Saddle Of Love

The Saddle of Love Tarot card represents the heart of the relationship, as the back shows a horse, the front shows a lover with a heart symbol and a bow. This card is the most positive one for your relationship, as the rider on the horse is looking into the eyes of the lady he is riding, the little white horse is following the rider, and the bow represents a new love, the bow is symbolic of the greeting in the greeting and the love that you both share. Visit here.

Love at First Sight

The Love at First Sight Tarot card, is a most magical love card. This card is known for its abilities to bring love or change love very quickly. The back of the card shows two lovers, sitting close to each other, holding hands and kissing. The woman looks with happiness in her eyes, and the guy is looking happy too, looking in her eyes.

The Seal of Commitment

The Seal of Commitment is based on the Queens Hanged Woman card, which represents jealousy, creativity, adventure, and making a difference in your own life. This card is a suitable card for romantic, creative, or adventurous people.

Princess Of Hearts

The Princess of Hearts Tarot Card is a beautiful and sensual card. It is very romantic and a perfect card to put on the first Valentine’s Day card. The card shows a princess with a heart above her head, with a window behind her and lots of flowers. Just look at how sensual and romantic the card is.

Love Divorce Tarot Card

The Love Divorce Tarot Card is the last card in the list of love tarot cards. This card signifies that your love is not working out. The bottom part of the card shows you are being cheated on and have no way out. Some people think that this card is saying that the relationship is over. However, the card also says that your love is something special, and you are the only one who can make it work, with or without that person.

Love Wedding Tarot Card

The Love Wedding Tarot Card is a very romantic card that can represent true love. This card shows two people in a temple, holding hands and are enjoying the music of the sacred harp, a kind of ancient harp. The lovers look like they are floating in space, while the priest is standing next to them, asking if you both will get married soon. He is showing you that he is going to guide your love to a happy marriage.

The Heart Card

The Heart Tarot Card is a very powerful Tarot card, which indicates love and affection. The back of the card shows a woman leaning on a tree, and you can see a heart shaped window at the top. The card also indicates that you should be a bit romantic with your lover.

The Spirit

The Spirit Tarot Card indicates that you have found your true love, and that there is something really special about them. The Spirit indicates that you should be a bit open-minded and try to be a bit more sensitive.

The Walking Man Tarot Card

The Walking Man Tarot Card is an attractive card which represents peace, friendship, and someone you really care for. The card also depicts a friendly bear for the lovers.


With so many different types of tarot cards out there, you may be wondering which one is right for you. It can be a daunting task deciding which deck will work best for your everyday Tarot reading. There is no right answer when it comes to which card is the best. Your personal preference is the most important thing.