Thinking of buying a new ping pong table for your garden? Here are a few different styling and play ideas for you to choose from.

Ping pong tables aren't your first thought when it comes to home decor. Nevertheless, millions of people use them throughout their homes as both a means of some light exercise and some comedy relief. A ping pong table placed anywhere on your property will act as an inviting way to spend time. Just because you are thinking of investing, however, does not mean that you need to rush off and join the championships. You can have a ping pong table at home even if you're not very good at ping pong.

Ping Pong Is An Outdoor Sport Too

When we think of a traditional game of ping pong, we do not picture it outside. Instead, we think about ping pong taking place in a gym or in a games arcade. We may also picture the competitive table tennis matches that we may have seen on the TV. During these matches, lines of tables are placed end to end, and competitors play against each other in a tournament style event. When we buy a ping pong table for a home, we are not going to be playing it competitively.

However, there are those that want to play ping pong competitively. In which case a ping pong table for your home is an excellent idea. Even if you think you don't have the space, you can still play table tennis in your garden. Many of us hold to the mistaken belief that ping pong is an indoor sport, but actually it can be an outdoor sport too. All you need is a sturdier table and a little imagination. The best thing about keeping your ping pong table in the garden is that you don't end up smashing ornaments with ping pong balls.

Other Things You Can Do With A Ping Pong Table

As the people at are quick to point out, ping pong isn’t the only thing you can do with one of these tables after you have bought it.

Different Sports

The most obvious alternative way to use your ping pong table is to use it to play alternative sports. You can play air hockey on a ping pong table, use the net for badminton shots, or even practice landing baskets with the miniature balls by taping two paper cups to the table to act as nets. However, we are aware that clients are looking for innovative décor ideas more than innovative sporting ideas.

Ping Pong Outdoor dining

Why not use the table as an outdoor dining space? All you have to do is remove the net and you have an extensive table for BBQs.

Ping Pong Storage

The table can double up as a storage space in a shed or garage if you need additional surface room.

Kids Play

Once set up, a sturdy outdoor table can be left set up for the kids to play with. Who hasn’t wanted to crouch underneath a table tennis table and use it to make a tent before? We know we certainly have…