A skiing holiday comes with a lot of luggage. But what exactly do you take with you? Are you travelling by car to your favourite winter sports destination? Then, fortunately, you can take a lot of baggage with you. But if you plan to travel by plane, you will have to hold back a little and only take the real must-haves. Anyway, we’re here to help you out with packing tips for your wonderful week of snow. Interested? Keep on reading!

1. Good preparation is half the work

We always say: a good preparation is half the work. And packing is half the fun, because you can already fantasise about how you will go down the slopes or walk around at the après-ski. The most important thing is not to pack your bag the night before. This will probably lead to overpacking or underpacking. In both cases, it’s inconvenient. Therefore, make a to-do list well in advance (at least two weeks) and hang it up in a place that you will pass by often. Then you have all the time you need to arrange all the things without creating chaos and stress. There are a lot of things you need to take with you on a winter holiday, much more than on a regular summer holiday. Think of all the ski gear and attributes and clothes you need to take along. In addition, all the stuff you need to entertain yourself on the way there and back. 

2. The right socks

Socks are often overrated and overlooked. But you have to bring good socks in order to fight muscle pains. That’s where compression socks come in very handy. Because with the compression technique, pressure is exerted on the less which stimulates the blood circulation. And this is what you need during your skiing trip. In addition, the socks stabilise your ankles and shins. Which creates the best support possible. So, if you want to go down the slopes without getting muscle cramps or tired legs, we suggest buying compression socks. 

3. Bring swimwear

Going on a ski holiday, then you shouldn’t forget your swimwear. Because even though your hotel doesn’t seem to have a swimming spa (Dutch: zwemspa), maybe you’ll bump into some friendly people during the apres ski who do. And before you know it, you’re somewhere in a bungalow sitting in a jacuzzi for 8 people (Dutch: jacuzzi 8 personen) with all your new friends. So, never forget to bring your swimwear if you don’t want to ruin your underwear. 

4. Hydration pack

During your adventures on the slope, it’s important to stay hydrated. Of course, you can carry bottles in your back or something like that. But, there are speciale hydration backpacks which can hold one and half litres of fluid. Besides, you can store other items such as money or the keys to your hotel. Besides, the hydration pack is not only useful for skiing, it’s useful for other activities. Think about hiking, biking or other outdoor activities.

Are you ready for your ski trip? Have fun!