In a world where there is a sudden hype of Uber cabs and delivery, there are still some other areas of side earning that you can discover and get certificates for. You've probably heard about forklifts, which are used by big businesses for the work and transportation of their products and machinery. If you haven’t yet, welcome to the place where you can find many such new ideas of side earning. Let us get started:

Forklift driving course:
You can apply for forklift training in Australia which is a two-day course that even certifies you to drive any size forklift, just within two days of training! Crazy, isn’t it? Apply for the course, get trained and get the license if necessary in your state, and you can join any company you like, work for them and earn a little side by side! And who knows if the company pays higher than you expected, it is a cherry on top!

Work for a company that transfers children:
You could look up certain companies that work specifically to transport children. Some of the eligibility criteria, among other common ones for this, could involve the appropriate age, or the police records, as this service must unquestionably be safe for children.

Assist people in moving furniture:
As a casual mover, you can earn money depending on the size of your vehicle. Pickup trucks and cargo vans are, without a doubt, the ideal vehicles for the job. You can set your own charges by advertising on a local job board or another city-specific forum, but you'll be fully responsible if something goes wrong. Another alternative is to work with an app that would guarantee you courier gigs. And, though it should go without saying, if you go this path, make sure you're comfortable (and physically capable of) moving hefty stuff. You can also use your vehicle to transport people's junk, though you'll need to research proper disposal methods and costs in your area. The cost of disposing of objects at a landfill varies. 

Register as a grocery shopper:
There are a number of on-demand grocery delivery companies that provide part-time work to licensed drivers. Some organizations deliver across the country and guarantee same-day delivery (typically in under an hour) in a specific location. You will be paid an hourly rate to shop for customers if you join these companies. This not only earns you money, but it also sounds like a lot of fun! Many people enjoy shopping for groceries, and using this as a job might be quite satisfying and enjoyable.

Renting your vehicle:
This option definitely carries some risk, but there is an increasing number of services dedicated to allowing you to effectively rent out your vehicle while you aren't using it. Rather than renting a car from a standard auto rental agency, you can rent from a fleet of personal vehicles, as per the concept. When you put your car for rent, the company determines the rental price based on market value, location, time of year, and "other data sets," or you can set your own per-day pricing manually.