Construction lawyers in Sydney have experience working with various construction contracts, thus allowing them to help companies if they have any disputes with property owners. Your lawyer can review and assess your claim and advise you on what to do next. Some of the contract aspects that the lawyer checks before handling the case include:

Review deadlines and statutory requirements of the contract to set up a strategy against the opponent.
Advice you regarding your rights and available solutions if the opponent files a construction lien.
Prepare a mechanic’s lien and file it if the property owner refuses to pay for additional work.
Prepare satisfaction notices and file them to remove the mechanic’s lien.
Help to obtain lien bonds that assure payment after filing a mechanic’s lien.
Help in the proceedings of foreclosure of construction liens.

Drafting construction contracts

One of the most common reasons construction companies hire building and construction lawyers in Sydney is to prepare their construction contracts. The contract contains a legal agreement that binds you and the owner of the property. An experienced lawyer will be able to draft the contract and ensure that it includes all the essential components, such as the following:

hiresGeneral conditions involve all the terms and conditions agreed by both parties before starting the project. 
Special conditions – These conditions include specific subjects, such as responsibilities to maintain the property or financial obligations of the owner. 
Warranties – Warranties describe what both parties agree to do for each other. For example, you agree to complete the project on time, while the property owner agrees to pay you the full amount once you finish the project. Similarly, there are other warranties that the lawyer needs to review and discuss with the other attorney before drafting the contract.
Disclosures – This list contains all the risks and liabilities related to the project. Construction lawyers Sydney are aware of the possible dangers that construction companies may face. So, they assess those risks, discuss the same with the owner’s lawyer, and draft a contract that mentions them clearly to avoid disputes later.

The construction lawyer knows about Sydney’s code requirements, best practices, and industry standards, thus allowing him to make a well-drafted contract. 

Payment protection

In addition to drafting and reviewing the contract, the construction lawyer also ensures that you receive full payment once you complete the project. Therefore, you need to seek help from a construction lawyer if you don’t receive compensation for additional work done to achieve the owner’s task. For example, if the owner asked you to add another floor or room that was not in the contract, you should ask for more money than what was agreed upon in the first place. If he refuses to pay, you have every right to file a claim. You can take the case to court if the owner doesn’t want to settle.

Construction lawyers can come to your rescue if you face a dispute with the property owner. Get in touch with a construction lawyer in Sydney to make sure you have an experienced professional to back your claim and represent you in court.