Tens of billions of users visit online sites every day for a particular reason. Some go there to buy products or search results of a specific thing. 

Others also open these sites to play music or video games. We expect these numbers to rise with time. This is because new platforms are always coming out.

A study conducted in 2015 showed that people go online to look up answers to a particular concern. However, these sites are mainly used for entertainment. It has even become easier to access these sites with the introduction of smartphones.

You can now log in to your favorite site with a single touch. This article will look at some examples of online entertainment.

1. Social Media

Social media is among the most popular online entertainment forms in the world. A study has shown that the average person spends 150 minutes per day on these sites. Over three billion people have an active social media page, and the number is expected to rise.

Facebook is the most used social media site. It has over three thousand million people. It began in 2005, and almost everybody had an account by 2009. YouTube comes second with sixteen hundred users. Instagram and Twitter follow closely with nine hundred and five hundred users, respectively. 

Remember, these are just but a few platforms. We have many others that keep people locked for a long time.

2. Streaming Music 

We have seen an evolvement in technology in the few years, and it has also led to a change in how we experience music. Unlike the olden days, you can now access it with a dial. 

People no longer download or replicate CDs to enjoy music. There are many music streaming sites like Spotify that let you enjoy this feature. All you need is a smartphone and a stable internet connection. 

There is also other music streaming sites like YouTube that will get the job done. It is the most in-demand site and has almost every song. YouTube did not begin as a music site, but it has a 50% of all streams globally. 

Other examples are Apple Music. 

3. Video Streaming 

Video streaming has also become more prevalent in recent times. There are many sites you can stream videos today. Some include Netflix and PAHE. Netflix is the most preferred site and has a massive percentage of total global streams. 

It began as a platform where people would rent or buy DVDs and has grown since. Netflix introduced the streaming option in 2008. Their services are enjoyed by over three hundred countries in the world.

Examples of other popular sites include Hulu and Amazon Video. 

4. Online Gaming 

There are many online gaming sites, such as online casinos, available in the current world. It is also possible to compete with a stranger in a faraway country due to the advanced internet. This makes gaming sites entertaining and a way to pass time.


The average person spends 150 minutes on an online platform per day. These numbers are set to increase due to the occurrence of other sites.