The world's population has increased dramatically in the span of half a century. A more significant population means more illnesses, a greater need for medicines, and most importantly, more healthcare professionals to cater to these demands. Doctors are the most reliable source of effective treatment and the first person that comes to mind when we require medical attention. However, doctors are usually specialized to treat certain body sections, and becoming a doctor takes a lot of time. It creates a lot of delay in the needed care for an individual, which is a significant problem that many communities face.

This problem has an effective solution to it; nurse practitioners. They are qualified to examine a wide range of illnesses and start you off on basic treatment. Becoming a nurse takes relatively less time than becoming a doctor. These skilled professionals can meet the need for primary care. 

If you're an aspiring nurse, then we've got you covered! We've compiled a list of fields that you can explore and build your career in. Here are a few nurse specialties that you can look into deciding your professional career.

Family Nurse

Specialty in this area offers a wide range of opportunities for your career. You'll be treating people of all ages, which means you have the chance to work and get the experience of other nursing specialties. If you develop an interest in other specialties, you can always switch and work in your desired nursing field.

Average family nurse practitioner salaries are pretty steep, going as high as $116,000 a year. Nursing is a rewarding profession with plenty of room for advancement.

Pediatric Nurse

If you believe that your true calling is childcare, then look no further. Your job will be nothing short of an adventure, dealing with toddler tantrums to sorting early teenage health issues. It'll require you to familiarize yourself with child growth and development significantly, as many illnesses and diseases require a different treatment approach than adults. It's also a financially lucrative field, with an average pediatric nurse making about $60,000 a year.

Women's Health Nurse 

Women's health is a rising concern in today's world, and there is a great need for professional medical help. As a Women's Health Nurse, you'll be treating them for mostly gynecological or labor-oriented issues during your practice. However, work as a WHN is not limited to this. You can raise health issues unique to women and dive into research work and teaching with your knowledge.

Adult-Gerontology Nurse

Gerontology is the study of aging aspects, including physical, social, and mental. As an AGN, you get trained to give primary care. Taking up additional courses and doing sufficient clinic hours make you eligible to sit for further exams and get an acute care certification. Primarily, your role as an AGN is to care for adult patients. You will work in clinical set-ups and care for patients with acute illnesses with a compulsory care certification.

Neonatal Nurse

Neonatal nurses specialize in working with babies, primarily newborns with deficiencies, illnesses, and high vulnerability. It's a high-pressure job, and your work will mainly be around the emergency department, labor, and delivery rooms, often for high-risk deliveries and outpatient clinics. It's a job requiring a lot of skill and nerves of steel, and if you believe that you possess both, you belong in this area of nursing.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse

Mental health is a rising issue, and in a fast-paced world like this, there is a great need for mental health professionals. Consider becoming a mental health nurse if you want to deal with people who have mental illnesses. There is work for PMHNs in addiction clinics, inpatients, outpatients, and even talk to patients remotely. 

Aesthetic Nurses

Due to the ever-emerging demands in this world, new careers are popping out, and old ones are evolving. Beauty and good looks are greatly in demand, and as an aesthetic nurse, you can give patients care in that department. With the proper qualifications, you can provide treatments such as botox or skin treatment such as laser removal or chemical peeling. This kind of care is mainly for people working in the showbiz industry. It certainly pays well with high-profile clients knocking at your door. 

Cardiology Nurse

Essentially, AGNPs usually work in the cardiology department. They typically study for this specialization or put in clinic hours at the cardiology department for the experience. It requires a lot of skill and experience. With the right amount of work, you'll be ready to treat both inpatients and outpatients for their cardiovascular issues.

Orthopedic Nurse

Orthopedic nurses are experts in matters relating to muscles and bones. It means that they usually work in the emergency department or trauma units to treat patients with injuries like broken bones and muscular injuries. Their knowledge also gives them the expertise to work in occupational health departments. Becoming an orthopedic nurse requires on-the-job training mostly. Still, you can get certification as well by studying at a reputed institute.


Nursing is a very diverse field with a wide range of tasks and skills you can learn. Many areas in different professions and walks of life require medical attention, and nurses fill that void. You can choose anyone from a wide distribution of nurse-related fields. It'll give you an intimate understanding of healthcare, and you'll be able to administer effective treatment in the absence of doctors.