If you or a loved one needs to check themselves into drug rehab to get clean sober, then you might be wondering how you can find the best location in your local area. How do you know the location that you are choosing is reputable, well-received, and trusted by others in the industry? Do you know any past patients who have been there and have gotten clean and sober to start their new life?

By looking into the various drug rehab centers in your town or city, you can narrow down the extensive list of the top-rated options to ensure that you or your loved one is in the best care possible. After all, this is a life-changing decision -the location that you choose can be the difference maker between you getting sober, learning coping skills in the real world, and identifying triggers that can help you avoid using drugs or alcohol again in the future.

Let’s see the six things to avoid when it comes to choosing drug rehab near me so you can get sober, get clean, and lead a happy life!

6 mistakes to avoid when choosing a drug rehab near me - make sure you avoid this!

No online reviews

One of the main no-nos when it comes to choosing a drug rehab near me is selecting one that has no user reviews. You want to make sure that the location that you choose has past patient reviews - both positive and negative. By getting a comprehensive picture of what the facility is like, you can see more if this is the choice for you. No reviews means the facility does not exist, no one goes there, or they are very new - all of which are not good for patients. 

Uneducated staff

The next thing to avoid when choosing a drug rehab near me is a place that has an uneducated and unempathetic staff. Choose a location that has a staff that is well-educated and experienced in dealing with addiction - make sure the location has doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors on staff at all times throughout the day and night to provide support.

No amenities

The next thing to take into consideration when choosing a drug rehab near me is choosing a facility that has amenities. You want to make sure patients can do something in their free time - if you find a facility that only has meeting rooms and bedrooms, look somewhere else.

No personalized programs

The next thing to consider is ensuring that your facility has personalized programs - if you find a location that uses a one size fits all approach they claim is 100% effective, look somewhere else. These false claims are often untrue and can be gimmicks to get people to go to the facility.

No accommodation

The next thing to avoid is choosing a location that has no accommodation - if you need an inpatient facility to ensure that you can stick with your program, then choosing one with accommodation is key to being able to adhere to your plan.

A bad reputation in the industry

If the facility has a bad reputation in the industry, then avoid this location at all costs- you want to choose a place that has a good standing in the rehab industry.


Are you looking for drug rehab near me? If so, then make sure you choose a location that has a good reputation, positive reviews, educated staff, and can provide you with amenities and accommodation while living at the facility!