Do you want to become a plumber in Arizona?
This article is a detailed guide to walk you through the steps to get your Arizona plumbing license and everything about obtaining a plumbing license in Arizona.

The types of work you can do after obtaining an Arizona plumbing license.
  • CR-37 Dual Plumbing Contractor
  • C-37 Commercial Plumbing Contractor
The Arizona plumbing contractor license is classified into the following certifications.
  • Residential certification- R-37R Plumbing, including solar.
  • Commercial certification- C-37 Plumbing.
  • Dual certification- CR-37 Plumbing.

How Can You Obtain the Arizona Plumbing License?
To acquire a plumbing license in Arizona, you must secure a passing score in the Arizona Statutes and Rules exams in addition to the required classification exam. Failing to do so will not let you obtain any aforementioned certificates.
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Do Plumbers Need a License in Arizona?
Yes, plumbers need a legal license issued by the Arizona Registrar of Contracts to perform plumbing works worth more than $1,000 in Arizona.
  • If you’re a plumber, you need to be a licensed contractor.
  • If you’re working as an apprentice, you must work under a licensed contractor.

Applying for Your Arizona Plumbing License
To obtain a plumbing license in Arizona, you must be at least 18 years of age.
Here are the steps to get your Arizona Plumbing License.
  • Earn a plumbing diploma or certificate through a formal program or earn an associate degree through a community college.
  • You must get a formal apprenticeship through a local trade organization or an informal apprenticeship from a sponsoring employer supervised by a licensed contractor.
  • You must have a minimum of 4 years of hands-on experience in Commercial, Residential or Dual plumbing.
  • Pay the fees and give the Statues and Rules exam and the required classification exam.
  • Form a legal entity - a sole proprietorship (individual), partnership, limited liability company, or corporation - after passing the necessary exams.
  • Corporations and LLCs must register with the Arizona Corporation Commission. Partnerships must get registered with the Arizona Secretary of State.
  • Submit the proof of the license and permit bond.
  • Pay the application fees.
  • Collect your statewide Arizona plumbing license and apply for renewal every two years.

Passing the Examinations
Here are the steps to follow to pass your plumbing license examinations on the first attempt.
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  • Study for the exam by utilizing the exam prep and books.
  • Secure the 70% passing score in both open book exams.
  • Apply for your Arizona Plumbing license by reading the steps to apply for the license above.