Getting an air purifier for your home or workplace is the need of the hour. With rising air pollution levels in metropolitan cities, air purifiers in homes have become more and more prevalent. While getting an air purifier would be an easy decision to make, deciding which one to buy would be a much more difficult question to answer. 

But first, you need to know why air purifiers are essential for some people more than others:
Respiratory diseases: Problems like asthma are becoming more severe with the advent of air pollution in major cities around the world. For individuals with respiratory conditions, taking care of the purity of the air they breathe has become more critical than ever. Some symptoms can also be triggered by certain odors, pollen, or other pollutants. Opting for air purifiers from will solve this problem. 
Allergies: If you have allergies to certain pollutants, odors, and pollen, opting for an air purifier will benefit you substantially. HEPA filters in air purifiers are specially made to help with allergies.
Chemical Sensitiveness: For individuals with extreme chemical sensitiveness, air purifiers might be the solution you were looking for. Specially made air purifiers with MCS or multiple chemical sensitivities are available in the market. This will filter out odors and chemicals in your home so that you stay protected. 
Smoke: If you smoke or have a smoker in your home, it would be a good idea to have an air purifier at home. Second-hand smoke causes serious respiratory ailments that can be prevented to an extent by using air purifiers. Air purifiers will also come in handy to dispel the smoke from the kitchen or the fireplace.

When you are about to choose an air purifier for your homes, you should first consider the following things:

Anticipate the Size

The size of the air purifier matters with respect to the size of the room you will be putting it in. Depending on the square footage of the room, also consider the ACH rate (air change rate) per hour. If you are buying it for your respiratory ailment, consider a purifier with a higher ACH rate. To better understand which size of air purifier to buy, consider the room size.

1. Small: For small rooms with 299 square footage.
2. Medium: For a room with square footage anywhere between 300 and 699 square feet. 
3. Large: For rooms that span an area of 700 and 1,900 square feet.
4. Whole-house: For air purifying the whole house, look through specialized models. 

You can also customize the air p[urofoer you are buying as per your specific needs with manufacturers like HisoAir.

Know the Features 

Today, air purifiers are not just air purifiers. They are also made so that you can have a more convenient experience as soon as you enter your home. Some of the must-have features of air purifiers include:

WI-Fi control options so that you can control it from your phone. This will help you start the air purifier when you are nearing your home. 
Filter change indicators, multiple fan speeds, and caster wheels are some features you should not compromise with.
For real-time updates on the air quality of the room, there are air quality indicators included in the air purifiers.
Go for energy-star-rated air purifiers to conserve electricity. 

Consider the Maintenance Requirements

A machine will only work well if it is treated well. While new air purifiers will continue to function optimally for a while, they will require maintenance eventually. This primarily includes regularly changing the air filters of the purifiers. You should know the type of filters that are used in air purifiers and their life. 

1. Pre-Filters: typically, these filters last for three months and have the shortest life. These filters are reusable after thorough washing. 
2. Carbon Filters: Activated Carbon is used for better absorption of impurities in the air. These filters last for six months on end. 
3. HEPA filters: A high efficiency particulate air filter is the most sought-after air filter in purifiers and has a life of about one year. 

Consider the Placement

Your home should be ready for the air purifier. You would not need to make much space for a small air purifier, but for bigger models, you will need to place it so that it has room to circulate the air in the room. If you are going to buy an air purifier and adjust it against the wall, it is not worth the effort. 

You will need to place the air purifier so that there is a gap between the machine and other furniture of electrical appliances. Also, if you are planning to use the same air purifier for multiple rooms, invest in a model which has wheels for mobility. But if you are buying a smaller unit, buy multiple ones for different rooms. 

The Takeaway

Buying an air purifier is not something you need to worry about. Just make sure you are purchasing a model which will give you the best results based on your room size, your individual needs, and maintenance requirements.