Lakeland, FL, is a beautiful place to retire. It is located in between the illustrious areas of Tampa and Orlando, and the downtown area has been dubbed the 'the living room.' This is because of the fantastic sense of community spirit that this town offers, in spades. Are you a history lover? Lakeland is packed with Old Florida history and has a heritage in every corner. You can even choose to live in historic neighborhoods with charm and will make you feel as if you never want to leave. 

If you love being around the best that a city has to offer, this is a beautiful place to live. Eat at the best establishments, shop at the best locations, and have the best entertainment at your fingertips. Boating, natural beauty, and lovely sights are around every corner. Lakeland truly is a town that has something for everyone to enjoy. 

Houses For Sale In Lakeland, FL

When looking for houses for sale in Lakeland, FL, you can forget the wonderful neighborhood of Biltmore-Cumberland. It is in the historic district and offers many older homes with two-story structures or single-story options, and has beautiful landscaping. The museum of art and library are within close distance and are near Lake Morton. If you are fans of swans or other species that call the water home, you will love this area. In the fall, Lake Morton hosts a fun pumpkin patch for retired couples to explore together. 

The food near this neighborhood is upper scale, with fritters, fish, and the best homemade lemonade. Mister Fish has been in business since the 60s, and the drink is made with care and love. If you aren't hungry, take a look at the downtown area for shopping and entertainment. 

The neighborhood is quiet and offers the chance to be near city life while providing the soothing calm of small-town life, which retired couples love. The houses here will cost between fifty thousand and seven hundred thousand, so it is quite varied depending on what exactly you are looking for. The houses contain multiple rooms, personalization, and a great chance to be a part of a beautiful neighborhood. 

Beacon Hill Is A Lovely Area

Beacon Hill is known for being a safe and beautiful neighborhood with lovely houses. It is located in the historical district and close to everything you need. There are dining areas with the best food, unique housing options, diverse neighborhoods, and a history that includes Native American street names. In the 1990s, it was added to the registry of historic places and has property values that are known for being high. 

Another benefit to the area? There are houses for every person. Are you looking for a smaller place? You can find that here. However, you can also find extravagant homes as well as colonial and Tudor options. The residents here are upper class or upper-middle class and include mayors or other state political legislators. 

Retired couples can enjoy things in this area because you are close to antique shops, non-traditional restaurants, the business and shopping district, and free events. You can also have a picnic or bike through the trails near Dobbins Park. The courses have been dubbed the best by magazines across the nation, and they offer a great experience!

Homes here range a bit in price. The homes will go from about one hundred and ten thousand to five hundred and five thousand. The homes will have multiple bedrooms and amenities that are great for couples, and it is a unique neighborhood that will never get tiring.

Lake Morton Offers Integrity 

Lake Morton is a lovely area to retire in. It is charming, offers quiet shores to explore, and you are protected. Each of the regions of Lake Morton's neighborhoods (you get your choice of east or south) is protected against new construction to preserve the integrity and innovation of the community. The association for the neighborhood is also in full swing, and there is a real sense of pride from the residents that live here. The lawns are well kept, communication is open, and they care about keeping this a comfortable area to live in.

The neighborhood also has the library and art museum near it and calls some of the best restaurants in the area into play. Mayfaire, however, is what sets it truly apart. The art show you can see here is considered one of the best you will ever see. Living here feels like you are secluded from the world. 

Truthfully, however, while it may feel that way, you are close to the areas that offer the best events, options for entertainment, the farmers market, and holiday events. However, the best part is if you like walking and biking, there are dozens of opportunities to take. You also have the option to go boating at the neighborhood lake of Lake Hollingsworth. Another great thing about this neighborhood? It's famous! It was the background of many movies, and it has served as a starting base for others acting as an architectural muse. 

If you love birdwatching, you are in luck there too! Lake Morton is known for its wildlife. You can see everything from black and white swans, geese, and eagles, to beautiful pelicans. Queen Elizabeth donated the swans in a touching story that warms the people's hearts in the area.

Are You Ready To Move To Lakeland?

When you want to retire in a lovely area that offers relaxation, peace, and a great place to spend your life, this is the area for you. Come enjoy the sites and sounds of a town that offers the best city life and the quiet of small-town living. With natural beauty and neighborhoods that care about each other, this is an excellent option for you to take. When you are ready to experience retirement to its fullest, you will see that Lakeland has everything you need, in spades.