Door Screen Magnet is great for keeping pesky bugs and insects out! Door Screen Magnets are the perfect choice for those who don't want to put holes in their screens. The door screen magnet can be used on new or old screen doors.

Door screen magnets are a solution for those who want to enjoy fresh summer air but don't like bugs. Door Screen Magnet is the most effective way to keep out mosquitos and other flying insects from your house or apartment. Door Screen Magnet can be an alternative for those people who want to reduce their carbon footprints as Door Screen Magnet does not use harmful chemicals.

A Door Screen Magnet is a magnetic door cover that has been specially designed to allow fresh air into your home – while keeping all flying insects outside. Door Screen Magnet comes with two separate pieces: a fabric cover and a metal panel that attaches to the front of your door frame magnetically using strong neodymium rare earth magnets. 

Benefits of Door Screen Magnet

Door Screens protect your family from annoying bugs and insects as well as keeps them safe from poisonous spiders such as Black Widows and Brown Recluse Spiders. Door Screens also helps keep your pets inside where they are safe, too! Door Screen Magnets are removable so you can take them off when you have guests over but still have protection against bugs all summer long! Door Screen Magnet is made of sturdy 20 gauge steel with powerful rare earth magnetic strips attached. Installation adhesive strips allow for quick and easy installation. Door Screen Magnet won't damage or warp your screen door and Door Screens are easily stored in-between seasons. Door Screen Magnets will not interfere with pets going in and out of doors as they will walk right over the magnets as if there's nothing on the screen at all! Door Screen Magnet is a great alternative to using Door Rods as Door Rods have been known to accidentally tear screens when being shut.

Types of Door Screen Magnet

It would make sense to discuss the Invisible Door Screen Magnet - Door Screen Magnet invisible when installed (for security purposes), and/or Door Screen Magnets for glass doors (instead of using a window screen).

Door Screen magnets are available in both magnetic and non-magnetic versions, depending on how they will be used. Magnetic Door Screens containing iron oxide are readily magnetized by passing through magnetic fields, while Door screens containing ferrite must be attached to a magnetic Door Screen Door frame (the Door frame is magnetized by passing through an AC Magnetic field).

Many Door Screens are designed to keep large fly-like insects out of the living spaces. They can be made from any material that is resistant to small insect infestation, including fiberglass, nylon monofilament, plastic netting (also known as mosquito netting), polyester mesh, polypropylene fencing, and aluminum screening. The door screen magnet wire mesh may or may not have smaller openings than the Door Screen. For example, wire mesh screens with finer wires will allow airflow but will be more difficult for tiny pests to penetrate than thicker wires.