If you have never had liposuction done before - or any type of cosmetic procedure - it can feel scary and daunting to know that you are about to go under general anesthesia. If you are nervous about the process leading up to the procedure, the day of the surgery, and what to expect afterwards, this is normal - most patients who are going to get a procedure done for the first time are apprehensive. However, by asking your doctor all of the necessary questions and feeling ready before going into the surgery, you can feel confident about your new body! 

To help with your preparation and know what to expect after surgery, here are a few of the most common FAQS that patients typically ask before their first cosmetic procedure. 

The top 5 FAQs about liposuction in Las Vegas! 

To put your mind at ease and prepare for surgery, let’s see the most common FAQs about liposuction in Las Vegas that have been asked by previous patients. Contact Las Vegas liposuction to know more about liposuction.

What is liposuction? 

Arguably the most obvious question that is asked by patients before they even consider getting a liposuction surgery is what is this procedure? Liposuction is a type of surgery that helps remove excess fat that is located under your skin. This can help create the shape of the body that you want and help remove unaesthetic fat deposits on your body that can cause you to feel self conscious. By removing fat that is typically hard to fight via diet and exercise, this surgical procedure can help “contour” and shape your body. 

Where can I get liposuction done on my body?

If you're considering getting liposuction on your body, you might be wondering where you can get it done. The good news is that you can get it done almost anywhere that fat is stored on your body! The most common places to get liposuction include the chin and neck area, the hips to eliminate a square body type, breasts to remove deposits on the side, abdomen, inner thighs, arms to sculpt and tone your triceps and biceps, and the back. 

Is liposuction safe?

Patients need to know if the procedure is safe, easy, and risk-free before going in under the knife. For the most part, getting liposuction in Las Vegas is very safe compared to other surgical procedures. All liposuction surgical procedures will be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon - make sure you do the research ahead of time to find someone who is well-reviewed and fully-qualified. Furthermore, the surgery will use general anesthesia, so ensure that you do not have any allergies to this type of sedation. 

Difference of liposuction vs. tummy tuck

Even though they can be used interchangeably, is there a difference between a liposuction procedure and a tummy tuck? The tummy tuck removes excess fat and skin by using a larger incision and tightening your abdominal muscles, whereas liposuction does not tighten excess skin and uses minimal incisions. 


If you're thinking about getting liposuction done on your body, you need to ask certain questions before the procedure so you can be prepared and feel confident. Read about the most common FAQs regarding this procedure so you know what to expect before, during, and after getting liposuction in Las Vegas.