If you are constantly at your local fitness center, you enjoy taking CrossFit classes every evening, or you are playing in an intramural sports league, you need to look into jewelry that can work with your active lifestyle. After all, wearing bangles, necklaces, and rings that can get in the way of your active lifestyle and your sport can not only be annoying, but it can be a potentially dangerous safety hazard for yourself and others if you are playing contact sports or doing extreme activities. 

As you are rock climbing, the last thing you want is for a ring to get in the way. A metal or gold ring can dig into your skin and make it hard to hold the rock - which can be life-threatening. Instead, why not look at silicone wedding bands to use if you are an athlete?

Not only are these options soft, flexible, and pliable, but they will not hurt you or others while you're playing sports or doing extreme sports. This way, you can avoid any incidents, accidents, or damage to yourself or others. Let’s see a few reasons why silicone wedding bands are the best option for female athletes who are always on the move! 

4 benefits of wearing silicone wedding bands for athletes! 

If you're an athlete - whether you are a recreational runner, professional field hockey player, or an intramural Sunday league football star - you need to wear jewelry that is conducive to your active lifestyle. Let’s see why wearing silicone wedding bands is the best option compared to the alternative for active people who are on the go.

Reduced safety hazard

One other benefit of wearing silicone wedding bands instead of the traditional option is it is a reduced safety hazard for yourself and others! If you notice that your wedding ring is knocking onto other people’s hands, faces, or your own knuckles, it can leave indentation marks, scratches, cuts, and broken bones. The last thing you want is to be kicked out of a game or suspended from a league due to harming someone else by accident with your wedding ring!

You won't lose it

The next benefit of using silicone wedding bands for athletes is that you won’t lose your actual wedding band. If you have your “real” wedding band- which is a gold or silver ring - then you can just keep this in the safety of your own home. While you're out doing sports and being active, you can wear your silicone wedding band. This way, you won't take off your gold band at the sports field and then forget where you put it!

Avoid damage

You can use silicone wedding bands so you can avoid damage to your real wedding bands during sports. If you are rock climbing and not playing contact sports, you may find that the impact is causing your wedding ring to become discolored or knicked. 

It is more comfortable!

Lastly, the silicone wedding bands are more comfortable than a hard wedding ring! It won't dig into your hand, cause indentation marks, or hit off of your knuckles while you're playing football or tennis.


If you're an athlete who enjoys being outside, being active and playing sports with others, consider using silicone wedding bands to act as a stand-in for your “real” wedding band!