It’s an exciting adventure to go all out in making your home hospitable. Securing your home does not have to be expensive. You can do so on a budget and still achieve protection from break-ins.

A defense attorney in Sacramento notes that most of his clients in drug possession cases reported unsecured homes as their drug hideouts. Had the homeowners not overlooked practical steps into securing their homes, these individuals would have had a hard time orchestrating their crimes.

What Are the Minimalistic Ways to Secure Your Home?

Securing your home in a minimalist way uses only the available resources. Minimalism also avoids excessive spending.

How can you provide security for your home in a minimalistic fashion?

1. Identify Common Targets for Burglars

Burglars carefully plan the target locations and items that may be of use before committing the crime. Places of interest for burglars include air conditioners, mailboxes, and cars. With this knowledge, use locks, tamper-proof, and mount such items to the walls to keep them away from the sight of burglars.

Flashy items attract burglars. To minimize this, invest in less striking but functional things. You can also keep away dazzling items when you are not using them.

2. Secure Your Wi-Fi

A home automation system connected to your devices sets you as prey for a home invasion if the attackers gain access to it. Apart from creating strong passwords, you can also enable Wi-Fi Protected Access, WPA encryption and use a firewall as an extra layer of protection to your sensitive information. A threat to your internet security can easily result in a threat to your general security if you do not take precautions.

3. Get Rid of Potential Hiding Places

Trees, shrubs, and bushes around the house create a potential hiding place for invaders. Simple steps such as trimming down the overgrown bushes, removing climbing aids on-site, and eliminating possible hazardous hiding places will afford your home a great deal of security.

4. Get a Dog or Fake Having One

A dog is not only a man's best friend but also his security companion. The barking of a dog is not something a home invader appreciates. Dogs have a strong sense of smell and are alert to note any suspicious movements before the attackers pounce.

Put up signs to notify people the home has a dog. Simple signage advising potential criminals of a dog's presence, even when there is none, will send a message that the house is protected and will provide a challenge to the invaders.

5. Be on the Low with Your Private Information

If you go around divulging your private information to the neighbors, you are arousing suspicions from unsuspecting criminals. It is wise to weigh the information you disclose to your neighbors. Information as simple as the new items you have bought or the placement of items in your house can arouse suspicion that sets you up as prey for criminals.

It Is Possible to Be Secure and Also a Minimalist

Living in a minimalistic fashion focuses on maximizing available resources to get the desired results. Security in a minimalist's home refines your resources and adds creative ways to elicit the notion that the house is secure. Security is a basic need, and what better way than to incorporate your minimalist lifestyle while providing security for your home?