Do you suffer from pre-holiday anxiety, also known as packing stress? That’s perfectly fine, a lot of people tend to get really stressed out about going on a holiday. Because what if you didn’t bring that one T-shirt on the trip and you somehow want to wear it a day? Well it’s time to relax, because that’s what a holiday is all about. We are here to help you with 3 tips for packing your suitcase wisely and free of stress. 

1. The ultimate holiday checklist

If you feel stressed about packing your suitcase, you should make a list prior to packing. If you have in mind what you need to bring, all you have to do is get your clothes and toiletries out of their original places and into your suitcase. You don’t have to worry about a certain item you will find during packing because you didn’t think about it first hand, so it probably isn’t that important. 

Because if you stand in front of your closet, you’ll probably look at your clothes like: “yes, that’s nice, I’ll bring this, and that”. And without even noticing it, your whole suitcase will be filled with clothes you’re not going to wear. So, make a list! You can even find multiple checklists online to make sure you have everything packed regarding your destination. You don’t have to bring four sweaters to a summer holiday destination. Just bring one comfortable sweater such as a cable sweater for men (Dutch: kabeltrui heren) if you get cold easily or a nice decent sweater (Dutch: nette trui heren) if you’re planning on having romantic dinners. Whatever you pick, it’s up to you.

2. Decant your toiletries/cosmetics

If you’re the one bringing your full 500ml shampoo and conditioner bottles, stop that right now. Because it fills up so much space and weight. So what you need to do is buy travel flasks of 100ml or 50ml (50ml can go in your hand luggage) and decant your shampoo, conditioner, face cream or whatever you have in big bottles. For some this even works quite therapeutic.

3. Roll instead of folding

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Roll your clothes, it has many benefits. Because 1. It makes sure your clothes don’t get all wrinkly out of the suitcase. And 2. It takes up less space, space that you can use for other items. And lastly 3. Everyone can do it! This way, even children (or people who simply can’t fold) can pack their suitcase.

Are you ready for your well deserved vacation? Make a list, decant your toiletries and roll your clothes instead of folding them. If you take these three hacks into account, we'll make sure you go on holiday without stress. Good luck!