Bonuses are exciting, and many punters even base their decision of joining a casino platform on offered bonuses. A quick look at the various bonuses in casinos will tell you that each casino’s offer is different. So how do you know which bonuses the casinos offer? And what are the solutions that will make you quickly find these bonuses? 

Casino Bee offers you five helpful tips! 

#1: Know Which Types of Bonuses are Available

There are many bonuses, and the major classification is no-deposit and deposit bonuses. These are the most common rewards that many casinos will offer you. Moreover, you can find: 

Welcome bonuses;
Free spins;
Cashback bonuses.

Each casino places different conditions to earn its bonuses. If you want to get the best deals, you may have to go through many casinos. You could, however, shorten your search by looking at the analysed and summarised Casino Bee list.

This list will make it easy to know which casino will reward you with the highest and most frequent bonuses. 

#2: Look Out for Casinos No deposit Bonuses

While still deciding which game and where to play it, look for a casino that allows tests. These casinos will likely award you with a no deposit bonus. You can use it to sample their games.

A good thing, though, is that you can find the no deposit bonus in multiple casinos. Hence, you can sample several casinos before settling on one or two. However, it’s easier to search for no bonus casinos by going through Casino Bee’s list. 

#3: Sign Up for a Generous Welcome Bonus

The moment you make up your mind on the game and casino, sign up. Most of the high-ranking casinos love to give you a warm welcome to their site. You can find bonuses ranging from €100 to €2000 at many casinos. 

As usual, before signing up, confirm that the casino gives you a fantastic bonus. Also, check if their welcome bonus is high. The good thing with the welcome bonus is that you can use it even to win the jackpot.

The welcome bonus usually doesn’t have as many wagering conditions as the no-deposit bonus. 

#4: Become a High Roller

Some casinos will offer you attractive bonuses once you become a high roller. They can even include you in their VIP programs, so you get more exclusive deals.

For instance, a casino might offer a 100% match up to €1500. This bonus will go a long way in lengthening your playtime and increasing your winning prospects.

#5: Become a Loyal Member

All businesses love and appreciate loyal members. Good casinos show this appreciation by launching loyalty programs that give attractive bonuses, among other benefits. Once you enter the loyalty program, you will be earning points with every play. You can then convert these points into bonuses and play without having to deposit any money.

All in all, there are many tips and shortcuts on how to find the best bonuses at online casinos. However, make sure to find out more about online casino bonuses by visiting Casino Bee’s website.