The thought of creating compelling copy might seem overwhelming to the uninitiated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Marketing copies can be simple, honest texts that the readers can connect with. The catch is that you must convince the audience to take action in line with your marketing goals.

The demand for professional copywriting shot through the roof within the past few decades as digital marketing became prominent. Today, several B2B copywriting services can be found on Google. Focusing on B2B content has several benefits for modern businesses. The top three perks are – lead generation, greater retention, and brand building.

7 Tips by Revpanda on How to Create Copies that Sell

B2B writing is unique and comes with an array of challenges. But the good news is some strategies will help maximise results even if you’re an amateur writer. Here are 7 copywriting hacks by Revpanda that are designed to boost conversions.

Start with a Site Map

Even before you pen down a single word, it’s crucial to draft a hierarchical list of pages that will appear on your website. Every site will have several common pages, including trust builders, landing pages, and resources. You must also decide how to interlink the pages during this step of the process.

Craft a Catchy Brand Message

While you might be tempted to delve right into page copies, it’s vital to have a content strategy in place. Ask yourself what is the brand message that you’d like to put out? Next up, determine how to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to move onto the next step.

Keep Your Message Concise

While you might be an excellent writer, there’s no point beating around the bush when creating marketing copies. Get to the point without wasting time by answering questions like what you do and how your products/services can help prospective clients. B2B clients are busy folks. Cutting right to the chase shows them that you value time.

Focus on the Human Side of Business

While you might be tempted to focus on robots while creating content for your website, remember that bots won’t engage with your brands on social media. Your readers are living, breathing human beings. So, write copies with that in mind.

Solve Your Clients’ Problems

The primary error most B2B copywriters make is that they go on and on about how their business is better than the rivals. While that’s great, the comparison is irrelevant. B2B clients are only interested in finding solutions to their problems. If your products/services don’t offer a solution, every other piece of information is extraneous.

Place CTAs Strategically

Now that you’ve highlighted how your business solves your clients’ problems, it’s time to encourage them to contact you. Place CTAs at strategic locations on your website, directing readers towards your contact information.

Hire a Skilled B2B Website Developer

Copywriting is visual art. So, no matter how convincing your copies might be, it’s useless if you can’t present them correctly. A flashy theme won’t cut it alone, as the trick is to get your message to pop. This is why every copywriter needs a talented web developer to put the message across visually.