Are you visiting Singapore for an extended break or maybe just stopping off on a cruise? Either way, you may want to find out what investment opportunities Singapore has to offer.

Singapore is a mecca for property investors, but let's be honest, you can take your house with you. Instead, why not look out for what other affordable investment opportunities Singapore has to offer.

Take Your Investment With You

Shopping for jewellery is indeed very popular in Singapore. It is nice to come home with something special such as a diamond ring.

One opportunity that you should not miss out on is shopping for watches in Singapore. Luxury brand watches are surprisingly good value in this part of the world.

Tips For Buying Watches For Investment

One of the best things about shopping for watches in Singapore is the opportunity to take a look at different brands. Most major watch manufacturers are represented in Singapore. Perhaps that is why so many cruise ship visitors choose to go watch shopping instead of visiting Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Savvy buyers always set themselves a budget and don't go over their spending limit. There is a reason for that. Collectors and investors may not only buy one watch per year - they often buy more than one watch. For them, it is all about spotting the right opportunity. Who knows? The right opportunity may just present itself more than once a year.

Should You Always Go For A Brand New Watch?

A new watch may not represent the best value for money. Fortunately, shopping for watches in Singapore also means that there are plenty of opportunities for picking up pre-loved watches. Buying second-hand is a great idea when you first start out.

If you are prepared to spend a couple of hours shopping around for watches in Singapore, you can probably find some pretty unique watches.

Buying Second Hand Watches

When you are thinking about investing in a pre-loved watch, it is important to check out the watch thoroughly before you part with your cash.

If it is a leading brand such as Rolex or Cartier, it should have a service and maintenance history. Don't be shy about asking. A good dealer will always offer up the information, but a less reputable dealer may not even have the service history.

Should it come in a box? The simple answer is yes. If the box has been lost, or it was sold to the dealer without its box, see this as your golden opportunity to negotiate hard.

Why Is Investing In Watches Becoming So Popular?

It is often hard to predict the market when it comes to other investments such as cars and motorbikes. Watches do not only hold their price, often they will increase in price quite fast.

On top of that, they do not take up a lot of space. So, if you are travelling, and feel like you would like to go shopping for watches in Singapore as a way of investing your money, there is no reason why you should miss out on the opportunity.

A top tip is to start slowly and gradually build your way up to a comfortable level of investment.