Singapore is among the most diverse cities in the world. The island city-state has a mix of cultures, people, and food. Even the streets in Singapore are a collection of different histories and languages. This guide covers some of the unique street names and engaging activities you can do around the area. If you are looking for impressive places to explore, then this guide is for you.

Before you set the ball rolling, ensure your battery is full to capture every golden moment on the streets of Singapore. There are lots of Instagram-worthy spots to capture the best shots for the gram.

1. World Tour in Singapore

Singapore streets are named after different spectacular cities and countries in the world. Visiting the country fascinates your soul With a ‘world tour’ where you revisit diverse nations worldwide.

Commonwealth of Nations

These are streets in Singapore named after cities and countries belonging to the Commonwealth. They include Canberra road (Australia’s capital), Canada Rd (Ottawa Rd and Montreal Rd) and Kenya Crescent. Enjoy the phenomenal colonial houses that paid homage to senior British military personnel as you walk by these roads.

You could also decide to play the Paintball game at Camp Challenge, which is just 11 minutes walk from Montreal Road. You could also enjoy water activities here such as rafting, stand-up paddling and kayaking. If you are not into such games and prefer a serene environment to relax your mind and body, visit the Sembawang Hot Spring Park. The park is 17 minutes away from Canberra Rd on foot. A tiny eatery serving Tze Char dishes, a Floral Walk, and foot bath pools are found here.

2. Fruit Names as Streets Names

Did you know some streets in Singapore bear fruit names in different languages? We have Lor Ong Lye which is a pineapple in Hokkien. Just nearby is the Lor Liew Lian, a Durian. Although no one has proved these names, some believe the names came from the Durian and pineapple plantations that existed around these areas.

In Katong, you are bound to come across Lor Nangka, which stands for a Jackfruit in Malay. Other street names that are fruits include Mulberry Avenue and Angsana Avenue. Visit the museum 300 m from Lorong Ong Lye, which is a sensational attraction in the country. Marvel at the Singapore Ant Museum and learn about the diverse ant species in the world.

3. Royal Roads in Singapore

If you are a Royal Family fan, then you are in for a treat in Singapore. Among the royal roads you will come across in this lush city include Queen’s Rd, King’s Dr, Princess of Wales Rd, among others near the Tan Kah Kee station. Most of these roads got their names from the British Royalty.

The majority of these streets in Singapore are home to incredible cafes where you can enjoy a warm evening coffee or yummy brunch. Visit the Atlas Coffee House and enjoy the thrilling cuisines prepared here, from the Creamy Mushroom to Butterscotch Banana Pancakes.

4. Unique Singapore Street Names

These street names are worth a shout-out on Instagram as you tag friends who should visit or live here. You will come across Kay Poh Rd, which is a term used to describe the behavior of poking into other people’s business.

Walk along the Cheow Keng Road in the Katong neighborhood. The street name sounds like Chow Keng, which is a phrase used commonly in the army. It is when a soldier feigns physical injury or sickness to evade training sessions. Lastly, there is the Jalan Malu-Malu. Malu in Malay is an embarrassment. However, Malu-Malu is a Mimosa plant.