There is a saying which goes around quite a lot that we are what we eat. Isn’t it quite true? Whatever that we have consumed plays a major role in how our health is. In case of adversities and not being able to make changes in diet, you can include tablets like Fildena 100 and Cenforce 100 in your diet.

If you eat food containing more protein, it will help you build more muscles. If you eat carbs it will give you instant energy. In the same way, diet also affects your sex life. 

You could be knowing of Generic villa pharmacy as one option to treat erectile dysfunction. It will also help you treat it but if you are willing to treat it naturally then we are here to give you some idea on how to do it through your diet.

If there could be foods that help you increase the levels of testosterone in your body to help your sperm have move motility and just to perform better in general. Then on the bad side, there has to be something in your diet that will cause dysfunction too. Let us look into more information on how diet affects erection in men specifically.

Stop eating a lot of junk and sugary foods:

We’re all surely aware of how junk food causes harm to our bodies. On top of that if you also add a lot of unnatural sugary food to your diet then it’s safe to say that you are going to face issues with erection. Every junk food has a lot of extra sugar added to it. Look at it this way, now we are all aware of the fact that junk food can clog your arteries. This meaning, they will cause resistance to the blood flow to your penis too as it is no different and it possesses arteries too. 

Basically, just broaden your diet from all these unhealthy items and explore various healthy foods. These will the actual main reason behind a better sex life for you.

Consumption of alcohol needs to be restrained:

So mister party freak, it must be quite fun to gulp down a lot of drinks and enjoy the heck out of a party. But, do keep in mind that alcohol as you must be knowing numbs sensations in your body as it is a depressant. 

A feeling of sexual arousal is no different, alcohol can affect that too which will cause you to have erectile dysfunction later. 

It is normally recommended to have only up to two drinks a day. Anything consumed more than the mentioned amount is going to risk the testosterone level and production in your body. Along with it, it will increase estrogen levels and cause your sex drive to be low. 

So if you want to have fun at the party and the after- party too (if you know you know) then lad, stick to less alcohol in your diet.

Stop ignoring the greens:

If there is no intake of green veggies in your diet which is one of the most important portions of the diet, then how will your erection get a green signal?

Basically why these foods help you in your erection is because they have a large quantity of nitrates in them. If you didn’t already know, nitrates help your body in opening up your blood vessels. This opening up further helps you in better blood circulation. 

Now you can figure the aftermath yourself right? Better greens lead to better circulation to your penis and a better circulation there will give you better sex life. 

Have the life-saving coffee:

Coffee, as we know is a huge component of every adult person’s diet. But for what we may know coffee as, we know that it only helps us in providing caffeine to work better and stay fresh and energetic. 

There is another less known benefit to it too. The caffeine in the coffee also helps your body in more circulation of blood. Once again, a nice circulation of blood will cause no problem in getting an erection.

So it is always suggested to keep caffeine in your daily diet as it will help you in your hard times and your “hard” times too. 

Don’t lack salads and fruits in your diet:

We all may consider salads and fruits to be an extra element of our diet, but what we don’t know is that both of these help in extra benefits to your body too. 

Food items like watermelon, papaya, grapefruit, cucumbers, etc. are known to have a constituent which is called citrulline in them. 

Citrulline helps your body in a better circulation cycle thus relaxing up more of your blood vessels and letting in more blood flow to your penis. 

You have too many food piled up on your plate:

Good sex is an outcome of good food as already talked about. Don’t misinterpret this and start consuming unhealthy amounts of food. It will cause a problem to your body even if it is healthy food because, after a borderline, even healthy things could cause you harm. 

We say this because overeating can cause you to be lazier and being sluggish.  All that your body will think of is to take a rest and have a good sleep after a lot of food. Fewer energy levels are going to cause problems in your libido.

Include tablets in your diet:

These tablets will help your body in having a better erection and thus a better libido. 

It is quite apparent by now the importance of good food. If a person has a good diet then he is bound to have a good sex life too provided that he doesn’t indulge in other harmful activities like drugs or smoking too often. 

Keep eating healthy food, keep our information in mind, enjoy great sex life, and thank us later!