The number of people who are going through cosmetic surgery of hair tattoo is continuously increasing. Moreover, as technology is advancing, people are starting to trust Scalp Micro pigmentation.

With the passage of time the ratio of the people who undergo SMP surgery is increasing twice. No matter who undergoes this surgery, the purpose of everyone is the same, i.e., to look good and get rid of bald appearance.

There is nothing in the world that only has pros and not cons. Similarly, when you go for a SMP treatment or cosmetic surgery, the case is also the same.

Here is the list of some pros and cons of hair tattoos. Try to read all of them so that you can better know about all the aspects.

Pros of Hair Tattoo:

Solution for Baldhead guys

SMP treatment or hair tattoos are the most accessible solutions for the bald head. If you are also tired of looking at yourself in the mirror as balded, then here is a solution. You can give yourself a new fantastic look with hair tattoos. Also, this ultimately gives you a natural hair look.

Properly Customize Hairline:

To restore your hairline, you don't have to undergo entire scalp micro pigmentation. This is done by having the practitioner draw your natural mature hairline and then fill in the gaps with tattoos that look like hairline tattoos. In this case, you can choose to have a tattoo only above your forehead and temples, or you can choose a partial tattoo.

In short, there are plenty of options available to you during this cosmetic surgery. You can have a fill on a small bald patch of your head, have a partial hair tattoo or even go through an entire hair tattoo.

Cost is low as compare to other Hair loss treatments

Micro-pigmentation for the scalp has a cost based on how many follicles you want tattooed. You can typically expect to pay between $500 and $1800 per treatment if you choose a partial hairline tattoo. However, a full transplant will cost you between $8,000 and $20,000. The cost will also depend upon the clinic you choose for surgery.

Helps to cover the scars

Most people undergo SMP after having a hair transplant. When you transplant your hair, there are little scars left on your head. Sometimes they become more prominent. As a solution, some people go through SMP. It gives them a clear and natural hair look.

Permanent Solution

Bald heads cause many people to feel awkward and shy. As a result, they lose confidence in themselves and always try to cover their heads. Often with wigs and sometimes with hats. The best permanent solution for such people is a hair tattoo. This will eliminate the need to purchase wigs or hats and will also give them confidence and self-esteem.

Cons while having Hair Tattoo:

You will face a little Discomfort or Pain

As the practitioner injects pigment into your skin during multiple treatments, you are likely to sit for long periods of time. The entire procedure takes at least one to two hours, and since the practitioner layers on the color for a natural appearance, you'll need to return at least one to two times for the full effect. Sometimes it became three times to complete the treatment.

Inflammation or Redness:

You may experience some inflammation in your head after SMP treatment. Additionally, your head will also appear as red. The reason for this swelling and redness is that the pigment is inserted into the inner layer of your skin by inserting tiny needles repeatedly. 

Potential Side Effects:

Choosing the wrong clinic and practitioner can result in unpleasant outcomes. Several documented cases of scalp micro-pigmentation have occurred due to the use of unsterilized needles or practitioners who were unqualified to place the pigment appropriately, which caused strange patches of pigment to form.

Becomes Fade after a time:

Those who want to go through an SMP cosmetic surgery should also know one more fact. The pigments that are inserted into your epidermis layer do not last for life long. After 5 to 6 years of the surgery, they started fading or changing to grey, blue, or sometimes even brown.

Dark Pigments May Look Fake

Ask about the quality and color of the pigment when reviewing a scalp micro pigmentation clinic, as well as the before and after photographs. Micro pigmentation on the scalp does not use tattoo ink, so you should always check that the color matches your skin type to avoid a fake look.

Those who had light-color skin type should always prefer light color pigment just to look natural. But sometimes, they got dark pigment, and the final look becomes what they were not expecting.

Final Words:

Here I have explained some pros and cons of the hair tattoo. It is always a good option to choose a hair tattoo to cover the bald head. But keep in mind that if you are going to have it, always select the best clinic and experienced doctor for the procedure.