Do you want to know the best Forex Robot I've used so far this year? If yes, then allow me to show you the reasons behind using these robots.

Making money out of trading currency is very fast for the existing traders and so easy and simple for the newbies. This is because of the many tools available to use, including forex robots and apps. Now, traders can sleep without missing out on a chance to trade as they are protected by robots to see these opportunities for them.

More opportunities and less effort are often packaged on the advertising techniques of these currency robots. While utilizing the robot, traders can actually do other stuff while profiting on trading.

Review of the Best Forex Robots I've Used So Far

The following is a review of the best forex robots I've used so far. Here, I will be going to discuss the best trading robots available on the market that you can use to begin making money today.

All forex market traders would love to be able to earn money from the foreign exchange market without having to really trade it. This is what the most excellent forex robot is for; it offers you the capability to gain a considerable amount of money in the world of forex without really making a trade. They are made to profit the currency trading market on autopilot by coming in and going out trades for you. So, here are the forex robots I've used so far!

XTB is one of several high leverage forex brokers I like, as you can leverage up to 200 times with a professional account." after "This has been developed in 2002 and has been in the business for many years now, and is located in Poland

Forex Fury #1!!

Forex Fury is my number one currency robot. There are many reasons why I use this robot. Aside from being free and easy to use, Forex Robot also conducts ten to fifteen trades a month with low risk and just trades EUR/USD. It used the newest EUR/USD forecast opinions as well as technical analysis.

The best thing about this Forex Robot is that it works in sixty seconds or one-minute timeframe, so it means that this robot will be using a scalping technique. What is more, it just places single-trade at a time, making sure the level of risk is minimal as much as possible. What is more, this robot is also using the average moving technique, so you are able to download and be more versatile in the foreign exchange markets.

The Ivybot

This is also another forex robot that I've used so far. As of date, it is among the best forex robots available in the market. Even if it is new in the market, just released a few years ago, it manages to become renowned because of its capability of trading different currency pairs at the highest level. Currency traders can feel that they have bought four robots under one without spending a  chink of traders’ money.

Another good reason why I use this forex robot and why I recommend this to traders is the minimum amount of trading it needs. Just fifty dollars is all you need to begin trading in the foreign exchange market. This is the only forex robot available that allows you to do that.

This forex robot is taking the world of currency by storm. It enables me to jumps right into the market of currency trading without prior knowledge and begins to earn a considerable amount. The fact that this is a 4-in-1 robot, you are able to diversify your trading portfolio without needing to use one-size-fits-all robots. Another best thing about this robot is that it also receives continuous updates from a group of experts in the foreign exchange market so meaning it will be up to date always and trade effectively and efficiently. 

FAP Turbo

If you have been lurking around different foreign exchange forums in the past, I am pretty use that you have heard the name FAP turbo. It was once the superb forex robot of its time and until now. However, it has been losing its power to the improved and new robots available.

FAP Turbo is perhaps the most sought-after robot of the current year. It has lots of positive feedbacks and reviews from previous users and allows the vendors of this robot to be extremely profitable out of high numbers in sales. Another amazing feature of this foreign exchange robot is the high accuracy rate. One good reason why I used this is that it was tested by brokers and traders of the currency market to be 90% accurate. The remaining percent error is minimal enough, losing the chance of gaining earnings while you are asleep.


If you are looking for a forex robot with an amazing track record as well as longevity in the foreign exchange market, then this one is a perfect choice. This was founded in the year 2007 and has been in the market for more than one decade now with an office located in the UK.

I used this forex robot as it was regulated. So, meaning it is supervised and is checked and assessed for conduct by FCA or Financial Conduct Authority, CySEC or Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, MiFID or Markets In Financial Instruments Directive, ASIC or Australian Securities and Investments Commission regulatory bodies.


This is another amazing forex robot I have used so far. This has been developed in 2002 and has been in the business for many years now, and is located in Poland. This is also regulated by regulatory bodies like FCA or Financial Conduct Authority, CySEC or Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, MiFID or Markets In Financial Instruments Directive, ASIC or Australian Securities and Investments Commission. So, you are assured of its reliability in trading.


The internet and foreign exchange industry are awash with many forex robots, which are all aimed to assisting traders in automating the process of trading. Some like Forex Robot will provide you absolute operation control by allowing your choice on the designated amount to every trade, the number of currency pairs it’s able to monitor as well as trade constantly, and the constancy it executes the trade. This gives you an assurance that you just trade in the most practical and possible market condition by putting highly volatile markets at bay immediately after news and announcements.