There is light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. Revenge traveling will be a new way of embarking on a journey in the new normal. It will be the travel mindset of people to have the eagerness to travel and the lack of willingness to cancel vacation plans even after the COVID-19 scare and shutdowns. 

Tourists will flock to famous travel destinations all over the globe. It will be comforting to be whisked away to some far-off and unusual vacation places. Here are secret adventure travel destinations to inspire your revenge travel plans.

Osh, Kyrgyzstan

Osh is one of the historic cities along Silk Road, with over 3,000 years of nomadic culture. It is Central Asia's hidden gem, unbothered in one of the remote areas in the world. To this day, inhabitants still live in Yurts and utilize Marshutkas as local transportation. Osh boasts scenic mountain ranges, walnut forests, and teeming bazaars.

Nevis, Caribbean Island 

Soak up the sun in one of the most unusual locations, Nevis Island. It is one of the unpopular Caribbean islands, unknown to crowds and tourists. Instead, it is a trekker's paradise, home to Nevis peak. Be sure to be fully geared with your trekking poles, comfy hiking boots, and tactical hydration bladders from Source. It is long, steep, with uneven terrain. Nevis peak is a challenging but worthwhile hike path.

Chamarel, Mauritius

The petite and charming island of Mauritius is a nation located in the Indian Ocean. Its endless turquoise waters are perfect for wind and kitesurfing. The Seven Colored Earths in Chamarel is slowly gaining tourist attention because of its different colored dunes.

Camiguin Islands, Philippines

Camiguin boasts of Cerulean waters and sugar-white sand. Many tourists will choose to visit other islands in the Philippines like Palawan and Siargao, but Camiguin is incomparable. Stunning islands with pristine beaches are closely adjacent to one another. People visit Camiguin because of water activities like Speed Boating. 

Westman Islands, Iceland

Westman islands is an often-overlooked location in Iceland. It is perched south of the mainland, accessible by ferry, has a vibrant and abundant history and culture. It is effortless to get lost in Westman Island, and it is very nostalgic and beautiful. The remote islands have hiking paths leading to the center of the volcano.

Kyrenia, Cyprus

The lush Mediterranean island offers postcard-perfect beaches that offer year-round boat cruises and snorkeling activities. A trip to Cyprus is very reminiscent of the Byzantine empire with its historic monasteries and mosques.

Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

Pakistan is often a missed-out country located in Southern Asia. Travelers avoid it due to safety issues, but intelligent traveling can turn the trip into an enriching experience. It is a one-for-the-books country because of its picturesque high mountains, rocky deserts, and rich cultural heritage. A worthwhile attraction is the Karakoram Highway located in north Gilgit-Baltistan, the world's tallest highway traversing Pakistan to Western China.

Shaxi, China

Shaxi is a quiet suburban area in China. It is an unusual place to visit due to its off-beaten path, caravan towns, and squares. An exhilarating hike journey in the outskirts of Shaxi makes the visit valuable. The peaceful community boasts of immaculate and unspoiled view of the Heihe river and rolling peaks to boot.

Ironically, a perfect way to travel is to isolate again. Sometimes, we can never truly appreciate a destination if it's bustling and swarming with tourists. But, on the other hand, it brings great joy to gain an adventure experience while going under the radar.