If you wish to play your very first casino game, you should be aware that there are rules and proper etiquette that must be followed. 

To have a hassle-free and worthwhile experience, have a look at this list of casino Dos and Don’ts. 

1. Research About the Casino 

We begin the list with the most important thing to do before going to any casino. 

As the line Clearly suggests, Always research regarding your chosen Casino as you do not want to come unprepared. Researching your casino of choice requires you to know the entry price of the casino, its operational hours, the rules and regulations, and the activities that the casino offers.  

The more you do your research regarding the casino, the more you come prepared for what you signed up for. 

If you're looking for convenience you might be lucky to find out that a casino of your choice has its own version of an online casino like singapore online casino. This brings convenience to you as you gamble at the comfort of your home rather than driving miles away from your residence.

2. Dress Properly 

This is a very important casino rule to follow as you have to wear appropriate clothing whenever you feel like visiting a casino as most of them have dress codes that you need to follow. 

Unlike huge casinos in Las Vegas that do not require dress codes, as they operate a relaxed policy to dress, and do not prohibit the players to walk in with board shorts and sandals, other casinos do not. Although it depends on where you are, the safest way to dress is with a shirt and smart trousers

After all, you do not want to ride back home just to change your wardrobe. So, check your casino beforehand to make sure that you don’t come underdressed. 

3. Understand the Rules of the Game 

As you stepped into the casino, it is very important that before joining the game table, you should first observe for a few rounds just to understand the important rules of the game. After all, you do not want to lose your money easily over a wager. 

By knowing the rules of the game, you will gain meaningful insights and identify whether it is worth it to join the table. 

You must know that casino games can be fun, but things can quickly turn into bitterness when you do not have a single hint with what you are doing.

4. Learn to Tip

The best way to say thank you to your dealer and server is to give a tip.

It is an unwritten rule that regardless of the fact that you win or lose, you have to leave a tip for both the dealer and the server before you abandon your seat on the gaming table. 

This has become customary because of the fact the staffs in casinos earn at a minimum wage but their hospitality is beyond what’s expected from them. 

So, the next time you gamble, try giving a tip; it does not have to be a huge sum of money, a small amount would suffice. 

5. Turn Off Your Mobile Phones 

Rarely, some casinos oblige you to surrender your mobile phone before going in, but more often than not, you are usually allowed to carry your mobile into the casino.

As a courtesy to other players, you should turn off your mobile phone or put it on silent mode, most especially if you are planning to join table games. 

The noise from your mobile phones can greatly affect the level of concentration of your opponents, which can cause them to make errors and ruin their gameplay. 

The last thing you want to happen is getting blamed for a lost game because of the distracting ringtone that you have on your phone. 

6. Never Drink Too Much

No rule prohibits you not to drink when you go to casinos. However, you must not overdo it as this would greatly affect your state of mind. 

When you are not sober enough, you might make choices that you will regret, like end up losing all your money. But not only that; as things escalate and you can no longer grasp your sober self, loss of personal items will definitely follow, and you cannot blame anyone if these things happen.

As a tip of advice, do not let the alcohol get the better of you and make a very lousy game experience for both you and the other players. 

7. Do not Spend More Than You Can Afford

You can’t deny the fact that gambling is definitely addictive. This can lead you to spend more amount than what you intend to. 

If your finances are tight, do not attempt to visit a casino as this would definitely exhaust your money and would compel you to borrow from families or friends. You can always play and have fun but you should be mindful of yourself and get addicted to gambling as you would suffer great losses in the long run.

Hence, always make sure not to spend beyond the amount you can afford. 

8. Do not take Your Anger to Other People 

It is inevitably true that one way or another you will lose when gambling and it is impossible for you to win all the time. 

It is important to keep your cool, calm mind and not show your frustrations to other people as you would be thrown out of the casino if you begin to take out your anger on others. So, check your anger and never start an argument with other players. Always thank the dealer and burn all your frustration by walking outside or puffing a cigar. 

Keeping your cool would help you play better and tend to make the right decisions, making your experience visiting a casino worthwhile. 

9. Never Chase Losses 

You must acknowledge the fact that the famous line suggests - “the house always win”. 

It is very important that you should be mindful of yourself and gamble responsibly. A huge part of this responsibility is knowing when to stop whenever luck does not come your way. Definitely, Chasing your losses would bring more harm than any good. 

10. Never Sit on the Gaming Table if You are Not Playing 

If you are not aware, the seats at the table are reserved for gamblers who are interested in playing. Simply put, if you are not playing, then do not sit at a table. 

If you wish to observe the game, you are welcome to spectate by standing.


If you constantly go to casinos, you should have known these etiquettes by now. However, if you are new to this industry, make sure to follow this list in order for you not to ruin your planned casino visit.