Microwaves are inevitable appliances that can cook, reheat, grill and even bake. 

Such an electrical device works by transmitting microwaves that vibrate water molecules inside your food items to raise their temperature. 

But, choosing one of the best microwaves is not easy because there is a wide range of models available.

What are the differences between a solo and convection microwave? 

Which one of them has the best size and power to suffice your needs? 

In this post, we will discuss all the available microwave types so that you can choose the best model according to your lifestyle.

Microwave Types According to the Functions

Solo Microwaves: Entry-level microwaves that can perform simple tasks like cooking, defrosting and reheating. 

However, this variant cannot bake or grill. 

If you need a basic microwave without investing a high amount, then try a solo version. 

Use only microwave-safe plastic and glass in such a microwave.

Convection Microwaves: These models can perform a solo microwave's functions, but there are some additional perks. A microwave oven can also roast, bake and make your eatables crisp. 

So, you can trust these kitchen appliances multiple recipes. However, these microwave variants are comparatively expensive than solo models.

Grill Microwaves: These variants of kitchen instruments find a middle way between solo and convection microwaves

As you can guess, such an appliance can perform all the functions of a solo microwave and can also grill. 

So, a grill model might be superb if you need all the essential functions of a microwave and enjoy grill food items.

Microwave Types According To the Installation

Countertop microwaves: Such a microwave works as a standalone unit on your kitchen slab. So, a countertop model might be the best if you don't want to redesign your cooking arena or have a large kitchen. 

Plus, such a model is also beneficial for users who live on rent.

Over-the-Range Microwaves: If you own a small kitchen, then over the range microwaves might be the best to try. 

Such a model comprises a microwave and ventilation function to make total usage of the available space. You can install this appliance over the stovetop because it's wall-mounted.

Built-In Microwaves: Unlike a countertop or over the range microwave, this version installs inside your kitchen like an entire fledge oven. 

It will look stylish in your kitchen without occupying any counter space. So, such a model might be best if you are building a new kitchen. 

Plus, setting a built-in microwave is best if you have multiple tasks for it.

Microwave drawers: One of the latest developments in microwaves is the models that fit inside a drawer.

So, a microwave drawer might be the best investment if you want to save some countertop design without modifying the entire kitchen.

As this is a new version, you might not find it easily in the current market


What should I look for when buying a microwave?

Apart from that microwave type, you need to consider its cooking capacity. These kitchen appliances are available anywhere between 17 to 35 litres of storage and sometimes even more, depending upon the model. 

So, choose something that can suit your requirements. 

Apart from the capacity, measure the plates and containers you will be using inside the microwave to select the correct size.

Then, you need to check the power. Microwaves are available with different wattage, which generally varies between 800W and 1000W microwaves

If you want to cook meals using a microwave, choose a model with at least 1000W of power. If you are living alone or with a partner, then you can try an 800W option.

Can you hide a microwave in a cabinet?

Yes, you can get the appliance installed inside a cabinet if you don't want the whole world to see it. As an alternate, you can look for a microwave drawer.
Is a 900-watt microwave sufficient?

A 900W microwave is excellent to cook medium-sized meals and reheat them. These models can work quicker than their 800W variants.


Well, this is pretty much about all the different types of microwaves available in the UK market. The points we discussed today will help you to filter one of them. 

Please choose one of them depending upon your personal preferences and eating habits. Happy microwaving.