A vacuum cleaner is supposed to draw all the dust. 

But, what if it's doing something precisely the opposite?Spitting out the dirt instead of taking it inside!

Well, it's an unpleasant situation for you. 

Fortunately, you can fix it by finding the right reason. 

Let discuss some of the standard solutions.
6 ReasonsYour Vacuum Cleaner Might Blow Out the Dirt Backy

1. Clean or Replace The Dust Bag.

If the existing dirt bag in your vacuum is full of waste, it cannot accept new particles. 

It might be the reason why the vacuum spits out the garbage, which is similar when you try to fill an already full glass of water. 

So, please take out the canister and empty it. If you own a bagged vacuum, then replace its dust bag.

2. Check for Clogs in the Vacuum

Oversized objects or dirt accumulations can result in clogs in a vacuum. 

It generally occurs in three regions: hose, behind the dust canister's brush head and air ducts. 

Use a stick to probe inside the hose to clear the way. If you cannot reach the blockage using a post, then use a long bar.

3. Inspect the Height Adjustment

Some of the vacuums give you a feature to adjust their cleaning height, which is helpful when dealing with a variety of floors. 

For instance, these electrical cleaners offer separate height settings for delicate carpets, thick carpets and hard floors. 

If you own such a vacuum, then it's better to check its height adjustment and ensure its right according to the floor.

The vacuum cannot clean the surface with incorrect height adjustments. 

Instead, it will start sending back the dirt or malfunction, showing other symptoms.

4. Check the Filter

How can the air come out clean if its screening is filthy? 

If your vacuum filter is clogged, it will start spitting out dirt from its exhaust port. 

Keep the filter clean if you don't want to face such situations. You can clean and reuse the filter only if it's washable. If this component is not reusable, replace it.

If you have a hepa filter vacuum (check out the best HEPA hoovers), you should simply wipe it down with water and let the dry. 

If your model says that this is safe mode of operation for washing filters then do so! 

You can also soak in hot water to clean off more stubborn dirt if necessary. 

For non-washable models, use vacuum cleaner on dirty parts of the filter only to prevent any dust or debris from reentering air supply.

5. Check the fan belt

The drive belt from the motor to your vacuum's fan might be twisted, which can force it to move opposite. So, shut down the vacuum and check this component.

6. Reverse the Mechanism

Your vacuum cleaner blows out dust because it might not be even trying to draw the air. 

It's possible if the vacuum or its motor is plugged in reverse. You might face such trouble if someone else messed up your cleaning device. 

So, shut down the vacuum and reverse its mechanism. Follow the instructions manual to follow the correct process.


A vacuum cleaner blows out dust due to several reasons. Maybe its bag is not taking any more dirt or some blocks in the vacuum passage.

Investing in a good quality vacuum cleaner may reduce the chances of having such issues.

The dust can also accumulate behind the brush roller and dust canister ports. A dirty filter might be the reason as well.We hope the tips mentioned above can fix your vacuum and you can finish the cleaning session. 

If none of the steps is working, it's better to contact a professional instead of wasting time.