Social entrepreneurship is slowly but surely changing the landscape of business and commerce on a global scale. Investors and owners are doing business with a good cause on top of their minds. They advocate sustainable living whilst generating top line and an exceptional bottom line with positive ecological and social impact. Here are some sustainable businesses worth investing.

Gas savers. These are low-cost installation solutions to manage fuel and energy costs. These are 6-centimetre devices that promote 15% savings on regular consumption of diesel, gasoline and electricity. The system applies to restaurants, residential properties, schools, private homes and offices.
Photovoltaic solar panels manufacturing. According to specialists on solar PV in Cheshire, solar panel installations have become prevalent in recent years and have gained widespread interest in the country. As a result, costs have dropped drastically in recent years but with high utility cost reduction rewards. In addition, the renewable energy source business has been top-rated due to its significant reduction in carbon footprint. 
Reusable diapers and feminine pads. The use of disposable diapers and feminine pads has a significant environmental impact. Reusable pad production is a very scalable and lucrative business due to its market. A single female of reproductive age roughly uses a substantial quantity of sanitary pads in her lifetime, likewise an infant until the age of potty training. Advocating and getting into this sustainable business is a win-win.
Garden planning. Consultancy organic gardening and landscape offers the technology to families, companies and communities to feed themselves and be self-reliant. 
Environmental law. Environmental law is the sustainable branch of the system. The business model provides legal services to hold entities accountable for environmental laws and natural resource abuse. 
Eco-friendly restaurants. Eco restaurants are establishments that utilize the farm to plate approach to food preparation and service. Ingredients locally sourced and sustainable products and processes are in place operationally.
Organic nutritionist. Consultation is a potent, sustainable business idea—a fascinating profession in health and food service. An organic nutritionist offers professional services for clients to eat clean and live healthier. 
Sustainable transport trader and distributor. Cycling reduces carbon emissions compared to driving cars. Selling cars and scooters promotes alternative transportation that is good for the environment and health.
Environmental blogger. Raising awareness through the publication of information in social media is a powerful, sustainable business idea in the digital era. Earn through sponsorships and ads, in addition, promote a sustainable life.
Eco-travel planner. Promote and plan eco-friendly ways to get around, accommodations, activities and lifestyles to tourists. Promote local destinations and come up with an intensive itinerary on social and ecological responsibility.
Organic spa. Operate an organic spa that promotes and utilizes natural chemicals in bathing, beauty, massage services.
Green venture capitalist. Invest and fund green and sustainable business ideas. Study the business concept, analyze the profit and loss statements and adjust along the way. The proper call to action of sustainable living is also helping other green businesses to be catapulted to success.

There is a significant hurdle in front of us to battle nature's degradation and climate change. Some of these business ideas may be small, but it is one step closer to where we used to be. So let us do our part in partaking in environmentally conscious business.