Bingo is a classic game known for being fun, social and usually very affordable to participate. Basically, Bingo is one of the best forms of entertainment to represent value for money. Traditionally, the aim of the game is to be the first player to complete a line or a full house in order to win a prize. You are given a card with numbers on, numbers are called out and then you mark the called numbers off your card.

As the world is moving further into becoming digital, traditions are changing slightly, and online Bingo is no different. There are now many places where you can play Bingo that aren’t just your local Bingo Hall.

We are going to look at a few of the changes, what is different from online Bingo and explain what they mean:

Where Can I Find Online Bingo?

There are few places you can find online bingo which we have listed below:

Online Casinos

Online Casinos are a place to go where you can find a variety of games. These days, many online casinos will offer Bingo in their range as they look to attract as much custom as possible.

Online Bookmakers

Bookmakers who predominantly focus on sports betting also offer a bingo range. In actual fact, one of the UKs biggest Bingo wins was through a sporting bookmaker. Bookmakers are branching out into the digital world and so often provide Bingo for its customers.

Online Bingo Halls/Bingo Hall Applications

The platforms that offer the most Bingo gaming variety are those that are solely devoted to Bingo itself. There are several Bingo applications that offer 24/7 Bingo gaming, more jackpots and different Bingo themes.

Reading Bingo Reviews to Get the Best Sites & Bonus Offers

With the large number of Bingo websites accepting real money stakes, simply finding one via an internet search sometimes means signing up to a site that results in a bad experience. Therefore, there are Bingo review sites. One of the largest Bingo communities in the UK is Wichbingo. With this type of online Bingo community, you will find reviews of the best UK Bingo sites and discover newly released Bingo sites. The reviews are accompanied by comments from real players while the content focuses on breaking down the Bingo sites by giving you the lowdown on no deposit offers, welcome offers, and you also get lists giving you the editor’s choice!

What Kind of Bingo Games are Available?

Online gaming has to try and keep fresh in order to add to its appeal. There are many varieties of Bingo available and there will continue to be developments in the future. It is impossible to mention all the different types of Bonus games available as each provider will look to be unique in this way, but what we do know is the styles available, they are:

• 90 ball bingo – the classic British format using a 9x3 grid with numbers ranging from 1-90.
• 80 ball bingo – using a 4x4 grid and numbers from 1-80, each player has 16 numbers to mark off with only 1 prize.
• 75 ball bingo – a 5x5 grid and numbers from 1-75, players will usually just have to achieve one, pre-stated, marked off pattern in order to win.
• 30 ball Bingo – the quickest format of them all. This game was created to allow players to play more games in the same amount of time. A 3x3 grid, numbers from 1-30, and a full house is the requirement.

Multiple Winners and Mistakes

In the unlikely event of 2 or more players completing their patterns at the same time, the prize on offer will be split equally between those parties. The online system will automatically arrange this so there is no need to stress. Online Bingo is very safe and fair play is key, so therefore if you make a mistake by missing a number, the system will catch you up automatically, so you won’t lose out in any way. And if you like the idea of playing Bingo online read some interesting facts about Bingo here!