We’re welcoming summer with open arms (and an open itinerary): it’s time to take some vacations! After missing out on traveling during last year’s summer, we’re all looking forward to hitting the roads to make up for that lost time.

Before you book your dream vacation, make sure you’re well-prepared. Here are four travel tips for men who are ready to travel:

1. Secure travel insurance.

We all know how important health insurance is. You may likely experience some sickness or require medical care while traveling; for that reason, coverage is definitely recommended!

Ready to hit the road for your next trip? Don’t start making travel plans until you pick up travel insurance! By having travel insurance, you’re covered for several scenarios:

  • Trip Cancellation Fee
  • Covid-19 Insurance
  • Medical Coverage
  • Assistance Services
  • Trip Delay

If you’re taking an international trip or exploring the United States, insurance benefits will definitely be worth having.

iSelect is a resource that offers fantastic travel insurance plans. Whether you’ll be traveling for a long time or just a good time, you can find a travel insurance policy that offers a level of coverage that you’ll be comfortable with. Visit iSelect now to find the best travel insurance plan for you.

2. Check out Quintessential Man.

Sometimes, as a man, you need a little direction. Fortunately, we have the best resource for you: the Quintessential Man.

The Quintessential Man is an online publication that offers fantastic advice for men. Their blog posts range from helpful topics such as:

  • Lifestyle
  • Health and Wellness
  • Fashion

The Quintessential Man has a few blog posts that are great to check out before you book your trip:

  • “Best Messenger Bags for Men” (especially great if you’re looking for luggage or baggage ideas)
  • “Best Hiking Shoes for Men”
  • “Best Men’s Casual Shoes”

3. Stay Fresh on the Go

Toiletries are one of the most important things to pack when it comes to traveling. No matter where you’re visiting, it’s essential that you’re still staying fresh and clean while you’re out and about!

If you’re a curly-headed guy, CurlMix has the perfect Wash + Go sample kit for you to pick up! This Black-owned hair company is known for its classic Wash + Go kits, now available in a convenient travel size. This kit contains:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Moisturizer

Flaxseed Gel (specifically used to bring out the curl definition in your hair strands)
CurlMix also offers a Pure Regrowth Serum that is fantastic to use on beards! Keep your beard shiny and moisturized on vacation by applying this serum daily.

Looking for a nice skin kit? Buttah, a Black-owned skincare brand, has a sample-sized custom skincare kit that can do your skin wonders! You get to select your own moisturizer to pair with their signature skin cleanser and vitamin C serum to build this kit. The best part? It’s only $15!

This is definitely a nice kit to pack when you want to maintain glowing and healthy skin on the road.

4. Don’t act like a tourist.

We get it. When you’re exploring a new place, you want to venture out to different sights and do something out of the ordinary. That’s where all the fun is.

Still, it’s possible to have a great time without acting too much like a tourist.

Here are a few cons to being a tourist:

Charged outrageous prices for a lackluster experience (for example, don’t find dinner on Bourbon Street while you’re in New Orleans…)
The exploitation of authentic culture that’s instead often gentrified and modernized for consumerism
Instead of looking up the top attractions in your vacation city, try to find some locals who can provide suggestions and recommendations on what to do. Often, the best spots are the hidden gems that only locals can direct you to!