Vape devices are a worthy investment for vape enthusiasts. Choosing a high-quality device ensures that you enjoy the flavors of e-juices for the longest time without having to worry about safety. But even the best vape devices tend to leak sometimes, leaving a sticky mess to clean up after. 


Not all leakages are related to physical damage to the device. Sometimes simple factors like temperature change or improper storage technique could cause a spill. Here we will explore a few ways to fix a leaking vape device. 

Store The Tank Properly

Vape tanks generally leak due to poor storage techniques. Older models are mainly more prone to leakage when placed horizontally for a long time. This problem occurs due to a back-flow that arises through the wick into the airflow system. A simple way to avoid tank leaks is to place them vertically. Whether you keep it in the bag or place it on your nightstand, always keep them upright.  

If you are traveling by air, empty the tank and wrap it in a ziplock bag to store. Carry a vape juice bottle with you to refill at the destination. It reduces the chances of leakage significantly.  

Evaluate The Vape Juice Ratio  

Vape juices with a predominant concentration of PG or propylene glycol tend to leak more often. The reason is that the high levels of PG leave the juice thin and runny, increasing the chances of spills.


Explore vape juices with high VG concentration as they tend to be thicker. You can change the wicking material and elevate the device power to accommodate the increased density of the vape juice. This way, you can get rid of the leakage problem without having to replace your device. E-liquids like CBD vape juice to help you sleep also come with high VG choices to ensure you relish the therapeutic benefits of the herb while vaping.  

Check The Seals And O-Rings 

Believe it or not, the most common reason for a leaky vape is not sealing the tank properly. This simple user error could cause the juice to spill out of the tank while storing. Check to ensure that the tank is properly screwed in together while assembling the device. Tilt the tank to check for any leakages. Remember, the thread joining the lids and the tanks are thin and delicate, and any misalignment can cause the vape juice to run out of the tank. 

Similarly, check the placement of O-rings around the seal. Sometimes prolonged usage of the rubber rings causes them to lose integrity. It could affect the alignment and sealing, causing leakage. These leaks are typically hard to detect, so examine closely and replace the rings if necessary. 

Do Not Overfill The Tank 

Although filling a vape tank seems like a simple task, doing it right is crucial to avoid leakages. If you find e-juice leaking from the air holes, chances are you filled it wrong. Tanks require a clear airway for the juice to travel to the coil and wick system. The central air tube is responsible for this job and should therefore be clear of any juice traces.

Always fill the tank without spilling the juice into the airway chimney. Tilt the tank while filling for the best results. Be careful not to overfill the liquid. Leaving some gap between the tank and the heating system is essential to create a vacuum that holds the juice in the chamber.  

Make Sure The Coil Is Right 

Most vapes come with replaceable coils, as the part tends to wear out with regular use. It is crucial to identify and replace the coil with the right part compatible with the vape juice device. For example, high resistance coil is the best choice for nicotine-rich liquids to enjoy the best experience. But these tend to have smaller holes and therefore require low-density vape juices with higher PG concentration to create the best flow. High VG juices are thick and might end up clogging small holes, leading to leakage. 

Also, if you plan to make the coil at home, be careful while choosing the raw materials. Using the right quality and quantity of cotton for wicking is essential. Too much cotton will destroy a seamless airflow, thus causing burnt hits. Too little will lead to vape juice leaking. 

Clean The Device Regularly

Regular cleaning of vape devices is crucial to avoid damage or leaks. Tanks and heating systems tend to get dirty with sticky vape juice goop. Leaving dirt on the parts would not only decrease the efficiency of the device but also cause leaks. It is especially true if the chimney is clogged with vape juice traces. 


Take time once every week to disassemble the device entirely and clean out the coil, tank, chimney. Remove and replace any part, including the glassware that might look damaged as it could create spills. 

Revisit Your Vaping Technique

Wrong vaping techniques can cause a vacuum imbalance, making the vape juice gurgle and leak. Too much air pressure when you inhale forces a lot of e-liquid to travel from the tank to the wick. When the wick can no longer absorb any more liquid, it starts to leak out of the device. 

Remember, firmly inhaling cannot produce more vapor. Always inhale in slow and steady movements for the best experience. 


These are some simple and effective ways to fix a leaking vape device. Always try to access the problem before trying these solutions to ensure you choose the perfect fix. Invest only in high-quality devices and coils to ensure enhanced safety and benefits.