Who is Madmax Money Talk?

Madmax Money Talk or Maxime Erassaint is a Haitian Creole music artist based in Florida, United States. Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Madmax Money Talk is the product of deep cultural roots and a passion for music. 

The 35-year-old music artist is a father to a 3-year-old son who inspires him to be the best version of himself every day. Without his son and mother, Madmax Money Talk wouldn’t be the man he is today. 

As a music artist and songwriter, Madmax Money Talk keeps things honest. His focus on Creole music is hard-hitting, as much as it is enjoyable to hear. His music comes from his home roots, and he, like any other high-caliber musician, embraces it. 

How did Madmax Money Talk find his voice?

Starting with school in Haiti, Madmax always knew that he had a voice meant for singing. Never really giving it much thought till he travelled to Florida, Madmax Money Talk started his music career. He gives his friends, fans, and family credit for his music and confidence in his career. 

Madmax Money Talk perceives his voice as a gift from God. However, it was his friends in college that pushed him to produce songs. Since then, Madmax Money Talk pursued a career in music while finishing his degree in Business Administration. 

Madmax Money Talk and Mad Records 

Other than making music and songwriting, Madmax Money Talk owns a record label Mad Records. Based in Florida, he uses Mad Records to produce songs and raps about things close to his heart. Fans can find his music on his social media and music streaming platforms such as YouTube, iTunes, Deezer, Soundcloud, and Spotify. 

With his record label and studio, Madmax Money Talks has the freedom to create music as he chooses. His hit songs have gotten him a massive following since the time he released his music online. 

The latest hit single, HMI 

Madmax Money Talk released his hit single HMI (Haitian Music Industry) in January 2020. Since then, his songs have become viral across many platforms and have gained a following from Haitian, Caribbean, and American fans. 

The song relays a message about how Haitian music artists struggle in the Haitian Music Industry. Madmax Money Talk chooses to talk about crucial topics that many other music artists avoid. Regardless, he wants to discuss and challenge those who stand in the way of the Haitian Music Industry’s success. 

He highlights how the music artists and the government need to fix the Haitian Music Industry to also produce songs that get known worldwide. In Madmax Money Talk’s opinion, the music artists in this industry need to develop a sense of love, respect, and unity to succeed collectively. 

Other than this, most of Madmax Money Talk’s songs are in creole because he aims to make creole music known worldwide. Haitian creole is among several Caribbean music genres such as Conpas, and Meringue. With his audience ranging from 15-year-old teens to people in their late sixties, Madmax wants to shed light on how beautifully soulful creole music is. 

Madmax Money Talk’s contribution to the Haitian Music Industry 

Madmax Money Talk has dedicated a big part of his life to the Haitian Music Industry. From his music lyrics to his music videos, Madmax Money Talk works hard to uplift the Haitian Music Industry to compete with other music industries worldwide. 

In terms of his personality, Madmax Money Talk strongly believes in respecting other music artists for the betterment of the music industry. He always makes it a point to support other artists' talents and put out love into the world. Madmax Money Talk is one of those music artists who you would find miles away from the drama because his main focus is on elevating the Haitian Music Industry rather than anything else. 

Being a Haitian music artist, Madmax Money Talk understands the drawbacks and ramifications of being a music artist in an industry that isn’t given the same opportunities. Only a few music artists from Haiti are known globally, while the rest of the armada is tucked away in the country's underbelly. 

On several occasions, Madmax Money Talk highlights that he is tired of Haitian music artists not being recognized for their work or being paid for it. Every music artist needs some form of funding to sustain themselves and their families to continue making music. Like several other hardships in Haiti, the music industry also immensely suffers. 

Through his hit singles such as ‘The Club,’ ‘Trouble Boy,’ ‘Lavi San Lanmou,’ ‘Mad Mad,’ ‘Konkou Lanmou,’ and ‘Chanpyon.’ Madmax Money Talk wants to send a message that Haitian music artists are as good as any other. He further went on to cement his position in the industry by collaborating with famous music artists such as Kolonel, Steeve Khe, Belo, Costy Jay, Trouble Boy Hitmaker, Fantom, and Dutty. 

What’s next for Madmax Money Talk?

As a Haitian music artist with tons of hit singles, Madmax Money Talks next steps will be towards producing a killer album with tons of new songs. His focus also extends to creating music videos with exceptional cinematography and seamless editing. 

With resilience, hard work, and natural talent, Madmax Money Talk doesn’t seem like an artist who would rest until he achieved his music goals. He hopes to achieve more success with his music, a more significant fan following, and enough influence to give back to the Haitian Music Industry what it truly deserves. 

The Caribbean and Haitian music are full of rhythm and color, and this is something that Madmax Money Tal represents with his music. In the future, Madmax Money Talk wants to wield the power of Haitian music so that it can also be known and celebrated worldwide. 

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