Divorce is always a delicate time that poses a lot of stress and emotions for the parents and the child. Often, the process of divorce is always a bit complicated due to the emotions that caused the divorce in the first place. 

It even becomes more complicated when a child is involved. Since you have decided to get a divorce in Toledo, you must also know how to go about the custody. Even though you could win your child custody case, you need to know that everything that happens impacts the child. So, when having a child custody case, here are mistakes you must avoid to ensure the outcome is positive.

1.      Avoiding Cooperation with your Ex-Partner

Even if both of you are not on good terms, you could lose your case if you refuse to cooperate with them. Remember that the interests of your child matter here. So, refusing cooperation or proper communication will give the judge the idea that you do not care about the well-being of your child. Instead, try communicating with your ex-partner no matter the situation between both of you. You can get a lawyer to help with the communication if this factor is hard to meet.

2.      Refusing to Hire a Lawyer

Child custody cases are complicated with all the court processes, paperwork, and visitation schedules. In case you miss any of these details, you risk losing the case. Getting custody of your child is very crucial. So, to make sure this happens, avoid working alone. Get a lawyer with sufficient experience in dealing with child custody cases to help you. The professional will attend the court proceedings for you, handle all the paperwork and make the right negotiations. The attorney will also present a compelling case and communicate with your ex-spouse to ensure emotions do not get in your way.

3.      Preventing the Other Parent to Visit the Child Without a Valid Reason

Without a court order, you cannot violate the rule of visitation. In case you attempt to prevent the other parent from visiting their child, you may risk losing full custody. You only need to have a valid reason for withdrawing visitation. Such include evidence of physical abuse, unfavorable living conditions, and more. However, you still require to consult with your lawyer even with this evidence before you withhold visitation. 

4.      Defying Court Orders

If the court has made any orders, comply with them until the case is over. Defying the orders is taken as disrespect to the judge and the entire authority. However, you have the right to refuse when a specific schedule does not stand right with you. Use the correct procedure for handling any complaints. Before signing any agreement, make sure you consult with your lawyer. The professional can spot any prospective problem that could hurt you in the future.

5.      Depicting Poor Behavior on Social Media

Social media is a public platform, and every person has their right to speak their mind. Even though you are going through frustrations and your case may no longer be private, try maintaining proper judgment on social media. Anything you post can be used against you in court. When posting, make sure it’s something that can be used in an open court. If you suspect your post may be offensive, don’t delete it since this could increase your suspicion. Instead, discuss with your lawyer how to go about it.

6.      Fighting with the Parent or Talking Badly About Them in the Presence of the Child

When dealing with child custody, the well-being of your child should be the priority. Therefore, you shouldn’t drag them along in your fights between you and your ex-spouse. Even if your ex-partner can be a hard nut to crack, avoid showing frustrations or fighting in front of your child. Rather, maintain calmness and fight (if you have to) when the child is out of the picture. 


Dealing with child custody cases is not an easy process. However, with the right state of mind and the help of an attorney, you can maneuver the case and come out a winner. The only thing you need to do is avoiding making the above mistakes since they could ruin your entire case.