So, you are fond of hunting and other shooting games? You are proud of your rifle collection and have them on display at your place? But how good are you at the game? Do you often miss the target despite years of practice? 

Shooting can be mastered over the time with rigorous practice however aiming right and hitting the target requires much more than being good at the game. Confused? Well, the kind of firearms you use, the quality of the rifle scope and how well-kept these things are goes a long way in determining your efficiency at the game. Cleaning and maintaining the weapons is particularly crucial as you won’t be able to aim right even with top-notch guns if they aren’t in good condition. But sadly, many gun owners neglect this essential part as the activity seems too difficult and weary. If you too fall under this category then we are sure you lack essential tools to clean your guns.

The use of the right tools can help you clean your firearms almost effortlessly. Regular cleaning of weapons using appropriate tools keeps them in good working condition and helps you shoot efficiently. So, without much ado let us take you through the various things that you must have to give way to squeaky clean and well-kept guns:

Gun Cleaning Mats

This is one of the most important gun cleansing tools. If you have a good quality gun mat half the battle is already won. It is because this small yet significant tool enables you to carry out the tedious task of tidying your heavy weapons without creating any mess around. Yes, cleansing and maintaining guns is a time-consuming task in itself but dealing with the mess created around during the process takes all the more time. The fear of staining and ruining the surfaces keeps most gun owners from tidying their weapons thoroughly. To shun this problem, you must bring home a good quality gun cleaning mat. The ones offered by Cerus Gear are an excellent choice. These mats are sturdy and stain-resistant. So, you need not worry about staining your expensive table top or flooring. You can spread the heavy duty mat easily on any surface and start with the procedure. Any oil or solvent that spills during the process can simply be wiped off. The material of the mat is such that liquids don’t get absorbed or cause stain. Feeling relieved already? This tool undoubtedly simplifies the process. 

Cleaning Rod, Patch and Jags

A cleaning rod is a must have for deep cleansing. How else will you clean that barrel? It is suggested to go for a carbon fibre rod as it will clean the barrel thoroughly without causing any scratch. You must attach a clean patch each time you clean the bore. Do not make the mistake of reusing the patch as it may deposit dust and debris back in the barrel. 

It is a good idea to invest in jags too. A jag is attached to the end of the rod. All you need to do is to pierce the patch with the jag and push it through. It keeps the patch affixed appropriately as you push it through the barrel.

We suggest you go through a few tutorials before using the rod and the mentioned attachments as you can end up damaging the barrel if you do not use this tool appropriately. 

Gun Vise

This is yet another tool you must have to deep clean your weapons effortlessly. Every part of your firearm is clearly visible when you place it on a gun vise. This makes it easier to clean it properly from top to bottom. You do not have to move it endlessly during the process to reach every nook and corner. It can easily be placed on a heavy duty mat. A good quality gun vise is sturdy and doesn’t move slide or move during the process.
Cleaning Brush

How can one even think about cleaning a firearm without using brushes? A set of brushes in different sizes and materials are a must have to reach every part of the weapon and dust it off appropriately. You will find a wide variety of rifle cleaning brushes in the market but not all of them can be trusted with the task. You may end up scratching and damaging your weapon if you do not make the right choice. So, do some research before opting for this essential tool and get home appropriate pieces.

Cleaning Solvents and Oils

It is important to use the right cleaning chemicals to keep your guns in good working condition. You require solvents, lubricants, protectant and degreaser from reputed brand and use them regularly to keep your firearms intact.

Good quality solvents are needed to remove lead, carbon and dirt from the bore. Likewise, lubricants are needed to lubricate different parts of the gun and ensure they work smoothly. The use of protectants shuns the possibility of incurring rust. So, your weapons do not corrode over time. The use of degreaser helps in removing dirt and debris with ease. Degreaser must be used to clean the gun thoroughly before applying lubricants.

Gun cleaning becomes rather fun when you have a heavy duty gun mat, a sturdy gun vise, good quality cleaning chemicals, a set of appropriate brushes and a cleaning rod. We are sure you will agree if you have been using these items to keep your weapons in good shape. If you haven’t tried these yet, it is time you do. Just make sure you opt for high quality products. It is a good idea to seek suggestions from fellow shooters and look for product reviews online before making the purchase. You mustn’t hesitate spending a few extra bucks to buy quality products. So, go make these essential purchases to clean your weapons the right way. And do not forget to share how these items changed your life for the better! We would love to hear from you.