Whether you are a casual golfer who hits the course just a few times per month, or a weekend warrior who is getting in 18 holes whenever you can, there is little doubt that your golf game can benefit from wearing a smart watch whenever you hit the links. 

Whether you are wearing an iOS or Android smart watch, or a wearable golf GPS system made specifically for the game, there are a lot of things to consider. 

If you’re curious to learn about what smartwatches can do for your fun golf games, continue reading below and then check out this Golf Buddy Voice 2 Review to learn about one of the most popular options on the market today. 

Preloaded courses on your wrist

One of the features that golfers use the most when they use smart watches for golfing is the preloaded courses feature. Basically, the vast majority of smartwatches and wearable golf GPS systems are able to automatically load courses that you are playing on. 

The watches use the GPS system to track your location so that they know not only what course you are on but will know where you are specifically on that course. Beyond that, courses are known to be loaded up almost immediately so if a hole changes or a hazard is moved, your watch will know in no time. 

Track shot distance

One great aspect of wearing a smart watch while you golf is that you can accurately pinpoint the distance of your swing. The smart watch is able to locate where you are on the course and will be able to show you precisely how far you are to the center of the green, back of the green and front of the green. 

This information is especially useful if you are trying to figure out what the best iron is for your next shot to make the distance as close to ideal as possible.

Use Green view

One great option that is available on a lot of different smartwatches and golf GPS systems is Green view.

Green view gives golfers precise information about every green that they are on, such as where the pin is and how the green lies. If you have trouble with your short game, Green view will serve as a major benefit as you work hard to improve that aspect of your game.

Keep track of stats

Finally, smart watches allow you to keep track of crucial stats that will shine an important light on many different facets of your game.